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Metal Fabrication

BARN’s Metal Fabrication Studio includes a range of metalworking disciplines that often begin with cutting metal based on a plan or working drawings. Additional shaping, forming, welding, bending, and/or machining may be used to produce a desired part or product. You can learn all these techniques and skills, as well as the technical arts of forging and pouring hot metal within the BARN Metal Fabrication Studio.

Metal Fabrication has several different shops where these disciplines are practiced. Please click on a link below to find out more:

  • Welding and Sheet Metal shop where we offer welding, plasma cutting, and sheet metal fabrication.
  • Forge [Link coming soon] is where hot metal is shaped into form with heat, hammer, tongs, and anvil.
  • Foundry where molten metal is poured into molds to form castings.
  • Machine Shop where metal is cut or ground in a precision fashion with milling machines, lathes, grinders, etc.


You’ll find our shops to be well equipped with everything needed to tackle most projects. For a complete listing of equipment and function, click the links to the shop of interest and find that shop’s, Equipment List.


Each shop has a knowledgeable team of volunteers and instructors with many years of collective experience. Join us to take classes that will teach you the basics and work toward proficiency with our machines and processes. With experience, you can join our open studios to work on your projects with qualified folks on hand to help.


We offer classes in Metal Machining, Welding, Plasma cutting, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining, Sheet Metal forming, working at the Forge, and metal casting in the Foundry. We work to make learning about the machines and processes enjoyable… having fun while learning the skills that will allow you to create metal objects of utility and beauty.

Other Ways to Participate

Enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded folk in any of these other ways to learn and participate:

  • Custom private classes where skilled volunteers devote their time in guiding the student through a project. With this guidance, the student develops their skills needed to carry a project from beginning to end. The student pays an hourly fee to BARN for these classes. Please contact the studio lead, David Hays at [email protected]
  • Helping clean and maintain the machines and spaces. Opportunities exist in the Foundry, Welding and Sheet Metal, and Machine Shop.
  • Skilled individuals can serve as monitors during open studio events to gain additional experience and expand their abilities.

Metal Fabrication Studio Resources

Metal Fabrication Studio Phones: 

Sources of Metal & Plastics

Metal Fabrication Blogs and Forums: Link coming soon


Do you have experience with Metal Fabrication and would like to teach at BARN? Please click here to read more about teaching at BARN or contact Studio Lead, David Hays at [email protected]