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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2022-11-26T15:45:57-08:00
What should I wear?2023-09-19T16:57:46-07:00

Please wear black clothing and comfortable shoes. If you are a MAST Pourer or Dining Room volunteer, tie long hair back.

I have questions. Who do I contact?2023-08-23T08:54:25-07:00

Contact Development Manager Jess Henderson at [email protected] or 206-842-4475 x203

Can I bring my child?2023-08-23T10:11:49-07:00

Night at BARN is open to guests ages 21 and over. All guests must register in advance.

Are my tickets refundable?2023-08-23T10:12:26-07:00

Night at BARN ticket purchases are non-refundable five (5) days after purchase.

What should I wear?2023-08-18T16:31:29-07:00

We look forward to dressing up for this event, but we ask that guests wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes. The dinner and auction will take place in a large tent outdoors, so we suggest bringing a sweater or blazer.

What is BARN’s Youth and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy?2023-07-21T16:28:49-07:00

Youth and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy 

To ensure that BARN is a safe environment for youth and vulnerable adults our policy provides for:

Prohibited Behaviors

  • Use of degrading language or behavior.
  • Threatening or intentionally inflicting physical injury upon a minor or vulnerable adult.
  • Engaging in any sexual advance toward, sexual activity with and/or harassment of a minor or vulnerable adult.

Private Meetings

Unless a BARN employee, Teacher, Monitor or Youth Mentor has passed a background check including fingerprint screening, all personal meetings with an unrelated minor or vulnerable adult are to be conducted in view of other adults.

Allegation Reporting Guidelines

Allegations of abuse or harassment of minors or vulnerable adults are to be reported to the BARN President or Youth Advocate and may be reported to law enforcement or child protection authorities. BARN teachers, members and volunteers shall refrain from conducting their own independent investigations and shall not disclose information indiscriminately.

Investigating Allegations

BARN will cooperate with all law enforcement, child protective services, and legal investigations. BARN may conduct its own independent investigation if an allegation involves an employee, a Teacher whose services BARN contracted for, a Monitor or Youth Mentor, or a BARN participant and if such investigation does not interfere with other investigations.

How do I reserve a kiln?2023-07-21T17:31:56-07:00

BARN members that are Certified Glass Studio Kiln Monitors or have been otherwise approved by the studio may reserve glass kilns.

I am interested in volunteering in the Glass Arts Studio. How do I get involved?2023-03-04T16:40:31-08:00

The Glass Studio is always looking for volunteers to keep the studio running. Talk to a monitor or Steering Committee member about what might interest you.

Can I use torches during Glass open studio times?2023-06-03T15:11:39-07:00

Those who have completed a Glass Studio Orientation and passed our torch safety and use evaluation may use the torches during open studios that are listed as available for torchwork. Not all monitors are trained in torch set up and safety. Please check the open studio listing.

Can I check out equipment and use it at home or off-site?2023-03-15T13:23:01-07:00

Typically, no. Open studios are busy, so tools and equipment need to be available for use during those times.

Are there any safety requirements in the studio?2023-03-15T13:23:47-07:00
  • General: Closed-toed shoes and long pants are required in the Glass Studio at all times. Long hair should be tied back.
  • Soldering and Torchwork: Additional fans/ventilation are required.
  • Wet Room – Large Equipment: A second person must be present in the studio.
When are open studio times (in general)?2023-03-15T13:25:59-07:00

The Glass Studio currently has open studios on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings. There also is one evening open studio on Wednesdays. Open studios may not be available on any given day if a class is scheduled or a monitor is unavailable. It is always best to check the studio calendar.

I’m a BARN member. How do I get fob access to the Glass Studio?2023-06-15T22:01:49-07:00

Fob access is not required to attend an open studio. A monitor will either let you in or the door will be open.

Fob access is currently limited to the Steering Committee and Glass Studio volunteers.

I am interested in volunteering in the Writers’ Studio. How do I get involved?2023-02-09T17:02:08-08:00

We’d love to hear from you! Contact us for more information on volunteer opportunities.

I’m a BARN member. How do I get fob access to the Writers’ Studio?2023-07-15T16:08:56-07:00

BARN members can use the Writers’ Studio whenever a class, event, or meeting is not scheduled. Contact us to schedule a studio orientation. After the orientation, your fob will be activated for the studio.

How do I get started in the Writers’ Studio?2023-03-15T13:31:22-07:00

Take any of our classes to get started! We offer frequent in-person workshops, or you can join our drop-in Write Now events.

Is there a dress code for Kitchen Arts classes?2023-03-15T13:33:32-07:00

To comply with Washington State Health Department guidelines, please wear closed-toe shoes to class. Please also pull back long hair.

I’d like to volunteer in the Fiber Arts Studio. How do I get started?2023-02-09T16:18:41-08:00

We are always looking for volunteers in these areas:

  • Studio leadership
  • Creating and supporting classes and events
  • Maintaining our facilities and equipment

You can choose a big job or a small job, a recurring task, or a one-time-only task. However much you can volunteer—even just one or two hours—your fellow studio users will be grateful!

Email [email protected] to offer your time.

What are Open Studios?2023-06-03T15:14:11-07:00

Open Studios are sessions where you can practice the techniques that you’ve learned in a class and/or work on your own projects under the guidance of a trained monitor. To attend Open Studios, you must have a Skills Card, which identifies the tools that you are qualified to use. 

You reserve a seat in an Open Studio by registering online. Check the Jewelry Studio calendar for exact dates and times.

Can I check out equipment and use it at home or off-site?2023-02-04T17:09:03-08:00

You must use all tools and equipment in the studio. Equipment is not available for checkout

Are there any safety requirements in the studio?2023-02-04T17:14:21-08:00

To avoid injury in the studio, we ask everyone to follow these guidelines:

  • Wear closed-toe shoes.
  • Tie long hair back.
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing, dangling jewelry, scarves, ties, or any item that could get caught in machinery.
  • Wear natural fiber clothing; for example, cotton, linen, or wool.
  • Wear hearing protection when using noisy equipment.
  • Wear safety glasses and/or a dust mask when using specific equipment.
  • Use only the tools and equipment that you have been trained to use, as specified on your Skills Card.
Do I need to register for Open Studio?2023-06-03T15:14:49-07:00

Yes, you need to register online to reserve a seat for Open Studio. Check the Jewelry Studio catalog for exact dates and times.

When are Open Studios held?2023-06-03T15:15:32-07:00

Monitored Open Studios are offered three times a week. Focused Open Studios for Enameling are offered twice a month.

The Open Studio schedule is subject to change. Check the Jewelry Studio catalog for exact dates and times. You must register online to reserve a seat for Open Studio.

How do I get access to Open Studios in the Jewelry Studio?2023-02-04T17:08:47-08:00

If you are new to jewelry making, start by completing an introductory class in Jewelry Skills, Enameling, Lapidary, Precious Metal Clay, or Wax Carving. You’ll receive a Skills Card that gives you access to Open Studios and more advanced classes. Find classes on our Jewelry & Fine Metals calendar.

If you have experience making jewelry, you may receive a Skills Card through a Skills Assessment. To schedule an assessment, contact [email protected]. During the assessment, you will show samples of your work, demonstrate the tools you use, and discuss the techniques you know.

Once you have a Skills Card, you can reserve a seat in an Open Studio by registering online. Check the Jewelry Studio calendar for exact dates and times.

Do I need a Skills Card to access some or all of the equipment?2023-02-04T17:08:43-08:00

To use the equipment in the Jewelry Studio, you must have a Skills Card that identifies the tools that you are trained to use. Once you have a Skills Card, you can attend Open Studios.

If you are new to jewelry making, complete an introductory class in Jewelry Skills, Enameling, Lapidary, PMC, or Wax Carving. You’ll receive a Skills Card that gives you access to Open Studios and more advanced classes. Find classes on our Jewelry & Fine Metals calendar.

If you have experience making jewelry, you may receive a Skills Card through a Skills Assessment. To schedule an assessment, contact [email protected]. During the assessment, you will show samples of your work, demonstrate the tools you use, and discuss the techniques you know.

How do I go about renting the Kitchen Arts Studio for a private event or food production project?2023-02-09T16:24:29-08:00

Contact the BARN Event Coordinator  or visit our Venue Rental page to learn more and start your application.

How do I become a Kitchen assistant volunteer or dishwasher?2023-02-09T16:22:46-08:00

To become a Kitchen Arts Studio assistant volunteer or paid dishwasher, you need to obtain a WA Food Handlers permit and take a Kitchen Orientation class, offered monthly.  Additionally, you need to fill out our volunteer application form and supply any other need materials (background check authorization, etc.). Please contact BARN Volunteer & Membership Coordinator (Kate Henderson) for more information.

How do I get started/involved in the Kitchen Arts Studio?2023-02-03T11:26:24-08:00

The best way to explore the Kitchen Arts Studio is to take a class! You can also take the FREE Kitchen Orientation course. You’ll learn how to use all the equipment in a professional kitchen and receive an overview on the food and safety rules and regulations required to use the kitchen safely.

Another great way to get involved in the Kitchen Arts Studio is to become a Kitchen Assistant.  Work directly with talented instructors and learn from supporting them as they deliver their classes. For more information on how to become a Kitchen assistant volunteer, see the FAQ listed below.

Does the Kitchen Arts Studio have open studio hours?2023-02-09T16:20:47-08:00

The Kitchen Arts Studio does not currently have Open Studio Hours. Occasionally the studio offers supervised “Open Studio” events when both members and non-members can use the kitchen for their special projects under the supervision of a trained instructor or kitchen assistant.

I’m a BARN member. How do I get fob access to the Kitchen Arts Studio?2023-06-15T22:02:14-07:00

Due to WA Food & Safety rules and regulations that the Kitchen Arts studio needs to follow to maintain its professional kitchen permit, fob access to the Kitchen Studio is granted on a case-by-case basis by the Kitchen Studio Lead and Barn’s Event Coordinator.

I am interested in volunteering in the Metal Fabrication Studio. How do I get involved?2023-01-24T17:40:00-08:00

Drop by the shop of interest and engage the shop manager. Or contact the Studio Lead at [email protected].

Can I check out equipment and use it at home or off-site?2023-02-03T11:38:57-08:00

The short answer is: Sometimes. We do loan hand tools for short periods of time. Power hand tools are loaned on a case-by-case basis. We do not loan any tool that can’t be held in one hand.

Do I need a skills card to access some or all of the equipment?2023-02-03T11:40:41-08:00

Skills cards are used to register skills attained. However, competency must be demonstrated to use the equipment.

Are there any safety requirements in the studio?2023-01-24T15:51:04-08:00

Most definitely. All of these requirements are covered during Orientation and Introduction events.

When are Open Studio times (in general)?2023-01-24T15:48:49-08:00

Open Studio events vary with each shop.

  • Machine shop has 2-3 Open Studio events per week. 
  • The Welding and Sheet Metal shop has 1-2 events per week. 
  • Casting and Foundry has one event per month, although that can expand with demand. 
  • The Forge and Blacksmithing program currently has no Open Student events. As that program develops, Open Studio events will be added.
I’m a BARN Member. How do I get fob access to the Metal Fabrication Studio?2023-06-15T22:02:25-07:00

Due to the potentially dangerous equipment in the Metal Fabrication Studio, only studio leads, monitors, and teachers have fob access.

How do I get Open studio Access in the Metal Fabrication Studio?2023-06-03T15:17:32-07:00

To attend Open Studio, take any required prerequisite classes (generally the introductory class for that particular discipline) and register using our catalog.

How do I get started in the Metal Fabrication Studio?2023-01-24T15:32:33-08:00

That’s a big question. The answer depends on the shop in which you want to begin.

  • For the Machine Shop, begin with Orientation and the basic Make a Bolt (Intro to the Lathe) and Make a Nut (Intro to the Vertical Mill).
  • For the combined Welding, Plasma Cutting, and Sheet Metal shop, JAWS Orientation is recommended.
  • To go straight into Sheet Metal, begin with Intro to Sheet Metal.
  • For Welding, begin with Wacky-Tacky Art… it’s an all-around intro to the tools with hands-on experience.
  • For Casting and Foundry Arts, we have some easy-access online classes that provide an excellent overview. But to get your hands dirty, start with Make a
  • Pattern. Then use that pattern in a Casting class to make a mold and make a casting. Finally, to complete your casting, take the Finishing class to smooth any casing imperfections and apply a warm patina.
  • For Forge and Blacksmithing, simply sign up for a class. All the necessary safety equipment will be supplied, but feel free to bring your own.
Where do I find more detailed technical information?2023-01-17T13:23:13-08:00

For help on more advanced technical questions (or just to hang out), join us on Slack and GitHub.  New? Request access.

We have several different Slack channels for different questions.  Some of our most-frequented options are:

  • #eta-general: A “general interest” channel for all Tech Lab Studio members. Intention is for Tech Lab-focused topics not already adopted in other channels.
  • #cnc : CNC machines, plasma tables, CNC router tables, mill and lathe conversions, CAD and CAM discussions
  • #eta-3d-printers: 3D Printer resources
  • #eta-3d-scanners: 3D Scanner resources
  • #eta-cnc: CNC topics specific to the Tech Lab
  • #eta-electronics : Electronics and electrical discussions

We have many more active channels! View them all.

How do I get started in the Print & Book Arts Studio?2022-12-30T17:02:04-08:00

Take any class without prerequisites to get started!

How can I volunteer in the Woodshop?2023-01-17T13:24:42-08:00

There are many ways to help and get more involved.

  • Show up at 9 am Mondays and help with shop upkeep and tool maintenance.
  • Volunteer to assist with a class, Teen Night, or other activity.
  • Sign up to participate in a community service project; as opportunities come up, they are posted on the Woodworking Calendar.
  • If you are an experienced woodworker who uses the shop frequently, let the woodworking lead know if you might be interested in becoming a safety monitor.
Can I apply finish at BARN?2022-12-29T14:52:17-08:00

If possible, take your project home and finish it there. If you have no other place to apply finish, discuss the finish and your options with a shop manager. High-solvent finishes are not allowed. Read the full policy >>

Can I store my project at BARN while I am working on it?2022-12-29T14:47:36-08:00

Yes, for a reasonable time and provided you are making progress. Ask a shop manager to help you find a suitable place. Project storage areas are located under the work tables in the main shop and in cabinets in the bench room. Glued-up projects can be left overnight, but attach a note with your name, phone number, time when you will return and time when it’s OK to remove the clamps in case someone else needs them before you return.

Does BARN provide wood for personal projects?2022-12-29T14:41:18-08:00

Yes, the Woodshop can help.

  • Wood in scrap bins is free for anyone to use.
  • The shop keeps a limited selection of wood for sale in the storage racks on the back wall. A shop manager can explain how to pay.
  • The shop also stores a large assortment of donated wood off-site. Leave a note on the desk in the bench room if you want to join the next group to view and buy wood.
  • If you want to purchase wood from Edensaw in Port Townsend, you may be able to save a delivery fee by piggybacking on a BARN order. See details >>
How does a complete beginner get started in woodworking?2023-01-17T13:30:24-08:00

The Woodworking Basics series of classes is designed for you. Take the three gateway classes (Orientation to the Woodshop and Woodshop Tool Safety Checkout 1 & 2), then sign up for  some or all of the 11 Woodworking Basics classes. You’ll get a solid grounding and be ready to tackle a project on your own.

Can my spouse, child or friend help me?2023-01-17T13:31:23-08:00

Yes, someone 14 or older can help carry materials and watch procedures during open studio time without an additional charge even if they are not a member. To use tools, however, the helper must first take Orientation to the Woodshop and any relevant tool safety classes, and pay a daily rate (currently $20) if not a BARN member.

What are the age requirements?2022-12-29T14:28:24-08:00

In general, Woodshop users must be 14 or older. Classes for youth younger than age 14 are offered throughout the year, and the required age(s) will be noted in the description for those classes.

Teens 14+ are welcome at Open Studio and in all woodworking classes for adults, provided they meet the same prerequisites as adults.

If I have a lot of woodworking experience, can I just start using the shop?2022-12-28T15:55:42-08:00

No, unless you are signing up for a class that has no prerequisites. Regardless of experience, you must qualify for Open Studio by first taking Orientation to the Woodshop. Tool Safety Checkout 1 and/or 2 are required before you can use the tools those classes cover. Experienced woodturners can qualify for lathe work by scheduling a private evaluation session with the head of the woodturning program.

Do I need to become a BARN member to use the Woodshop?2023-06-15T22:02:49-07:00

No. It’s not necessary to be a member to take a class or to use Open Studio time at no additional charge to complete a class project. Non-members can also participate in open studio by paying a daily fee, currently $20.

Is help available during open studio sessions?2023-01-17T13:40:04-08:00

Yes. A safety monitor and a shop manager are on duty at all open studio sessions, and many BARN woodworkers are happy to offer advice or lend a hand.

Can I check out equipment and use it at home or off-site?2022-12-28T15:47:19-08:00

No, except by rare, special permission of the studio lead or when a community service project is being done off-site.

Do I need a ‘skills card’ to access some or all of the equipment?2023-01-17T13:42:58-08:00

The Woodshop doesn’t have a skills card per se but it maintains a card for each participant in Orientation and tool safety checkout classes. Instructors initial the tools you are qualified to use. When you attend an open studio session, sign in on the daily log and tip your card sideways (but still in the box) so the safety monitor can check it.

What are the safety requirements in the studio?2022-12-28T15:41:47-08:00

Follow instructions from the safety monitor. Discuss them if you disagree, but the monitor has the final say.

If you are not sure whether a procedure is safe, ask the safety monitor or shop manager before you turn on the tool. You can also read the tool’s handbook, stored in the library area of the bench room, and review safety videos made in the woodshop.

Besides tool-specific safety requirements, these are general safety requirements:

  • Be aware of your surroundings and avoid standing in the kickback zone for tools such as the table saws and jointers.
  • If you must talk to someone using a power tool, wait for them to finish and approach from the side.
  • Wear safety glasses in the main shop at all times. In the bench room, safety glasses are required only while operating grinders in the sharpening area.
  • In both rooms, you must wear closed-toe shoes. If you are using power equipment, tie back long hair and avoid dangly clothing and jewelry.
  • Do not listen to music through earbuds or ear muffs so you can hear if a tool is making an unusual noise or if a safety monitor needs to give you guidance.
I’m a BARN member. How do I get fob access to the Woodshop?2023-07-15T16:06:54-07:00

After you take Orientation to the Woodshop and Woodshop Tool Safety Checkout 1 and/or Woodshop Tool Safety Checkout 2, the Membership Coordinator will reprogram your fob so it opens the main shop door during open studio hours.

Please note that the instructor will still need to open the door before a class, since classes aren’t at open studio times.

If you have taken the required classes and your fob doesn’t work during open studio, please contact the Membership Coordinator, [email protected].

When are open studio times in the Woodshop?2023-01-17T14:01:35-08:00

Except for a few holidays or BARN events, open studio sessions are:

  • 9 am to 3 pm every Wednesday
  • 3 to 9 pm every Thursday
  • 9 am to 3 pm every Friday
  • Noon to 6 pm every Saturday and Sunday
How do I get open studio access to the Woodshop?2023-01-26T11:38:34-08:00

At a minimum, you must take Orientation to the Woodshop to access open studio in the Woodworking Studio. If you want to use any tools covered by a safety checkout class, you must also take that class first. Woodshop Tool Safety Checkout 1 qualifies you to use the table saws, jointers, planers, miter saws, and drill press. Woodshop Tool Safety Checkout 2 qualifies you to use most of the bandsaws, stationary sanders (spindle, disc, drum, and edge belt), routers and router tables, and scroll saws.

How do I get started in the Woodshop?2022-12-28T15:27:14-08:00

If you want to explore whether woodworking is for you, sign up for a Try It! class. Take Orientation to the Woodshop to learn more about what the shop offers and qualify for open studio. If you want to use the main power tools during open studios, also take Woodshop Tool Safety Checkout 1 and 2. After that, depending on your skill level, decide on a project and build it, or take a class that has a project suited to your skill level. The library in the bench room has loads of project ideas. Ask a shop manager for advice on how to proceed.

Can I check out Tech Lab equipment and use it at home or off-site?2022-12-28T14:38:31-08:00

Sorry, all equipment and books must be used within the studio.

Do I need a Skills Card to access some or all of the Tech Lab equipment?2022-12-28T14:38:27-08:00

Yes, you will get checked off on the laser (and perhaps other equipment) on a card issued to you after completion of the Laser 101 class.

Are there any safety requirements in the Tech Lab?2022-12-28T14:34:21-08:00

Yes!  View our full safety policies. The main mission of a Safety Monitor is to help maintain a safe environment during an open studio.    We expect you to understand safety considerations for the tools you use, and we require you to take our formal training classes for the laser and CNC if you’d like to use those.

When are Tech Lab Open Studios (in general)?2022-12-28T14:32:09-08:00

Please check our calendar for open studio times.    We try to offer times that can accommodate virtually any schedule.   The calendar will also tell you who to expect as the host and what skills they’d like to share with you.

How do I get started in the Tech Lab?2022-12-28T14:25:34-08:00

We make it easy to get started with three different paths:

  1. Come into any open studio. The door is open, and you’re already qualified to use most of the tools.
  2. Come to our monthly Studio Orientation, offered the first Saturday of every month at 10am.
  3. Take a class, like our Laser 101 class, to get trained on our laser cutters.
How do I access Slack and/or Github?2022-12-28T13:37:05-08:00

ETA members use Slack for studio related discussions.*

Github provides a repository for ETA content.*

* Both Slack and Github are available to ETA members and require member authorization to access content. Request access

How can I contribute to the Tech Lab?2022-12-28T13:24:04-08:00
  • Hang out with us at an open studio or Tech Talk
  • Share your skills as a studio monitor
  • Give a talk about your passion
  • Teach a class!  (Newbies can teach other newbies!)
  • Mentor others
  • Like kids? Help with Teen Nights, Maker Mondays, Summer Youth, and more
  • Want to help shape the studio? Consider joining our steering committee
  • Community Service projects
General Expectations2022-12-28T13:24:11-08:00
  • Don’t prop the doors open (outside of Open Studio)
  • The “loft” is not for general access
  • Tools don’t leave ETA space (without permission of the studio monitor)
  • Books don’t leave BARN
    • Without permission and checkout
  • Don’t leave your things laying out
    • Unless you want us to take them apart
  • Clean up after use
    • I.e. put things back where they belong
How do I get approved to use certain tools?2023-01-03T13:41:04-08:00

Have questions about a specific tool? Just ask!

Training is currently required for:

  • Laser-cutters

Training and/or Orientation available for:

  • 3D Printers
  • Power tools such as micro table saw

Soldering and electronics have no formal certification

  • Follow signage posted at these stations
  • If in doubt, ask the Studio Monitor
What are the policies around materials in the Tech Lab?2022-12-28T13:24:30-08:00

In-Studio Materials

  • Pre-cut inexpensive materials (MDF, plywood) used on laser are available for purchase
    • Materials in scrap bins near laser are free
  • Studio filament for 3D printing is available for demonstration, training, and for small projects

You should bring your own materials for major projects.

Bringing Your Own Materials

  • Non-standard materials must be approved by Studio Monitor.
  • Expect to provide a SDS/MSDS (Safety Data Sheet/Material Safety Data Sheet) or wait for testing
What joint-studio activities and special programs does the Tech Lab offer?2022-12-28T13:24:39-08:00
  • Woodshop: CNC Router, Laser-cut templates, Laser-cut boxes
  • Print: Laser-engraved rubber stamps, laser-cut wood prints
  • Jewelry: laser-etched embossing paper, 3D-printed molds for lost-wax casts
  • Glass: laser-engraved glass, molds for lost-wax glass casts
  • Fiber: laser-engraved leather and paper fabric
  • Metal Fab: Intro to Fusion 360, 3D-printed patterns for sand casting
  • Writers: laser-engraved coasters for spooky stories
  • Media: Video Editing on Mac hosted by ETA
  • BARN-wide: CNC- and laser-cut signs (see Fiber Studio for the latest)
  • Kids: Girls Who Code, Teen Night, Maker Mondays, Summer Youth
  • Kids: Hyla High School STEM
What are Open Studios in the Tech Lab?2022-12-28T13:24:49-08:00
  • A good way to get started with ETA
  • Hosted by a Studio Monitor
  • Monitors determine their own days and times, typically 2+ hours long
  • All monitors have basic proficiency on our main attractions
    • 3D Printers
    • Laser Cutters
  • Some offer to share their special skills (refer to the instructor’s bio in the class listing)
    • CAD/CAM
    • Robotics
    • Electronics
    • Coding

Check our class and event listing for the most up-to-date information on available Open Studio times.

What are the Tech Lab’s Access Policies?2022-12-28T13:24:57-08:00
  • Members and non-members during open studios, classes, workshops, talks.
  • $20 drop-in fee for non-members during open studios
  • Studio Monitors have access outside these hours
  • Studio Monitors may provide access at other times at their discretion
What does the Tech Lab Offer?2022-12-28T13:25:04-08:00

A variety of tools – and a place to work on things. Check out our equipment list for more specifics on available tools.  In general, we offer:

  • Access to tools
  • Work space
  • Robotics
  • Laser cutters/engravers
  • 3D Printers
  • CNC Engraver
  • Electronic test equipment
  • Soldering workstations
  • Projection Equipment
  • Design workstations
  • Books / Magazines
  • Mentorship
  • Workshops
  • Classes
  • Tech Talks
  • Software
  • Open Studios
  • 3D scanner
Can I use the Tech Lab for manufacturing at scale?2022-12-28T13:25:12-08:00

The Tech Lab is not a manufacturing facility. Users focus more on one-off personal projects, and sometimes iterative prototyping. Make it. Break it. Change it. Make it again.

The Tech Lab’s emphasis is also not on hosting highly-specialized and expensive software when other options are available.  Getting members up to speed with available alternatives – either open-source or low-cost is a priority. That said, there are sometimes no options available for specific equipment and so we try to find the most workable solutions for our members.

What’s a Skills Card?2023-02-04T17:10:41-08:00

A Skills Card for shows identifies the the tools and equipment that you have been trained to use. Once you have a Skills Card, you can attend Open Studios to practice your skills.

If you are new to jewelry making, start by completing an introductory class in Jewelry Skills, Enameling, Lapidary, Precious Metal Clay, or Wax Carving. Find classes on our Jewelry & Fine Metals calendar.

f you have experience making jewelry, you may receive a Skills Card through a Skills Assessment. To schedule an assessment, contact [email protected]. During the assessment, you will show samples of your work, demonstrate the tools you use, and discuss the techniques you know.

How do I get Open Studio Access in the Glass Arts Studio?2023-06-19T14:09:02-07:00

The Glass Studio is available for members and non-members to use during Open Studio times. To gain access to Open Studios, first register for a free Glass Studio Orientation.

Once you qualify for Open Studio, register for the studio session you’d like to attend through the Glass Calendar on the BARN website.

How do I get started in the Glass Arts Studio?2023-03-04T16:36:32-08:00

Curious about working with glass?

Sign up for a Try It class! It’s a great way to find out if you enjoy working with glass and walk away with a fun project.

New to glass and looking to gain skills?

Sign up for a free Studio Orientation! We also recommend registering for an A to Z or Try It! classes to get started.

Already working with glass?

If you are experienced with glass, sign up for a free Studio Orientation to learn about studio practices and policies.

I’m a BARN Member. How do I get fob access to the Fiber Studio?2023-07-15T16:07:20-07:00

To get fob access, attend a scheduled orientation! These 30-minute classes will introduce you to basic studio operations, and afterward your fob will be activated for the studio door. Once you have access to the studio, you’re welcome to use the Fiber Studio any time BARN is open. Note that additional training is required to operate studio sewing machines and other equipment.

How do I access Open Studio hours in the Fiber Arts studio?2023-01-17T14:08:43-08:00

Once you have fob access, you are welcome to come in anytime BARN is open. If a class or other activity is going on when you come in, please be considerate of the instructor and participants.

I’m a BARN member. How do I get fob access to the Tech Lab?2022-12-28T14:30:14-08:00

Because the door is open during Open Studios and classes, no fob access is needed. If you’d like access at other times, talk to the studio lead about becoming a volunteer safety monitor. If you qualify, we’ll grant you fob access. Contact us to learn more.

How do I get Open Studio Access in the Tech Lab?2022-12-28T14:27:19-08:00

The door is literally open to all members during an Open Studio.  Non-members are also welcome (for a small fee).    We would prefer that you register online first, but walk-ins are welcome. 

A trained monitor is present. Open Studio is, however, not like a class where instruction can be given.

What programs should I use with the 3D printers?2022-12-17T13:14:32-08:00

Use Prusa Slicer software to slice your model for printing. The default profiles are mostly good, but you may be asked to increase the bed temperature to 60C. This will give you better results and fewer print fails. is a helpful site to for  visualization and analysis of your gcode file.

What filament should I use with the 3D Printers in the Tech Lab?2022-12-17T13:14:40-08:00

The majority of printing is done using PLA filament. It is easy to work with, gives off no fumes or harmful particulates, is widely available and is inexpensive. PETG and nylon filaments are approved for use, though both are more difficult to work with than PLA.

We have had good results with PLA from MeltInk, eSun, and filament found on Amazon. Check with a studio monitor before purchasing if you have any questions.

What programs do you recommend I use for designing for the laser cutter?2022-12-17T13:14:48-08:00

We usually use the free program Inkscape to design for the laser.

Makercase is a tool for generating box plans.

What materials may I use in the Tech Lab’s Laser Cutter?2022-10-22T13:18:10-07:00

Approved Materials


  • Acrylic (Plexiglas)
  • Delrin (Acetal)
  • PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
  • MDF
  • Plywood
  • Solid Wood
  • Cardboard and Paper
  • Polyethylene Foam
  • EVA Foam
  • Cork
  • Leather (not fake leather!)
  • PLA
  • Cotton Fabric and Felt

Etch Only

  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Polished Rocks
  • Shells
  • Slate
  • Marble


  • PVC
  • Vinyl
  • ABS
  • Polycarbonate
  • Teflon
  • Polyurethane Foam
  • Unknown Plastics
  • Any plastic containing chlorine
  • Fiberglass

All other materials must be specifically approved by the studio monitor. Please bring an MSDS if possible. If you don’t know what it is, don’t laser it.

What is the Tech Lab’s Laser Policy?2023-01-03T13:44:59-08:00

The Tech Lab’s large laser ,“Big Red,” is generally capable of cutting wood products 1/4″ thick and beyond. It can also mark many other materials and will cut over an area of  1000 x 600 mm. The small laser can reliably cut wood products 1/8″ thick. Both lasers also cut acrylic well. For more info, consult our approved materials list: Laserable Materials

The Laser is available for use during open studio times, by BARN members who have attended the Introduction to Laser Cutting monthly orientation class.

Download a copy of the Laser Policy. It’s also reproduced below.

We usually use the free program Inkscape to design for the laser.

Makercase is a tool for generating box plans.

Laser Usage Policy

Last updated 4/26/2021

  1. Users

    The laser may be used by (only)

    1. Trained members during open studio time or while under supervision of a studio
      monitor. A list of trained members is kept in the studio.
    2. Studio monitors, or individuals as specifically approved by the studio steering
      committee, at any time
    3. Individuals under supervision of a studio monitor, as a part of training or class
  2. Logging

    All laser use will be logged in the laser log. User name, date, start time, and finish time
    will be recorded. Logging is required, regardless of whether or not a fee is collected.

  3. Fees

    1. All laser users will be charged a fee of $1.00/minute, with the following

      1. Internal BARN or studio maintenance projects
      2. Demonstrations
      3. Class related activities
      4. Training
      5. Specially approved commercial projects where BARN is receiving
        arranged compensation
      6. Specially approved projects that BARN performs as community service
        or donation
      7. Commercial use may be charged under a separate rate (see the section
        Commercial Use)All laser users will be charged a fee of $1.00/minute, with the following
    2. Fees may be rounded down to the nearest dollar.
    3. Members will be allowed 240 minutes of free laser time per month. This time will be non-transferable, and non-accumulating.
    4. Fees will be paid in cash or check, and deposited in the black “mailbox” by the studio monitor on duty.
    5. A form will be provided for submitting fees. If a form is not available, the users name time will be submitted with the fee. Fee processing will be handled by BARN accounting, until ETA Studio has a process for this.
  4. Commercial Use

    1. Commercial use will be charged a fee of $2.00/minute
    2. Commercial use includes use by businesses, production of objects for the operation of a business, and production for resale.
    3. Prototypes and small jobs may be allowed under the normal fee structure, at the discretion of the studio monitor on duty.
  5. Laser failure and repair

    1. The laser will not be left in a disassembled state, unless it is under repair or otherwise non-functional.
    2. If the laser fails to operate normally, a shop monitor will be notified.
    3. If the laser is to be left in a non-functional state, a sign will be placed on the laser to notify potential users.
    4. All laser maintenance will be performed under direction of a studio monitor. This includes disassembly, optics cleaning, alignment, and firmware settings.
  6. Other

    1. Jobs should not be left unattended.
    2. Users will monitor the laser systems (air, water flow, water temp) while in use.
    3. Jobs requiring the removal of the floor will require permission and supervision of the shop monitor on duty. After a job requiring removal of the floor has been completed, the floor will be promptly replaced, and the laser checked for alignment.


  • Think “prototype, not production”
  • May be used independently only during Open Studio time
  • Requires training to use or supervision of Studio Monitor as available
  • All usage must be logged
  • Personal usage:
    • Allotted 240 minutes per month free
    • Tnused time is not rolled over
    • Time after that $0.25 / minute
  • “Commercial” usage comes lower priority
    • Rates 2.00 per minute
  • All maintenance and modifications by Monitors.
  • Laser is not to be left unattended while in use. The tool and its supporting ventilation, air-assist and cooling must be monitored.
  • New lasers will require retraining of all members previously certified to operate older laser.. Classes are on calendar and will continue.
How do I get started in the Fiber Arts Studio?2023-02-09T16:09:13-08:00

Once your fob is activated, join an orientation for the sewing machines or the Fiber Lab. Introductory sewing or weaving classes, Try It! classes, study groups, and Better Together sessions are all great ways to dip your toes into the Fiber Studio.

The Fiber Studio is also committed to community service projects—check the calendar and sign up to join the next project. Typically our community service projects include tasks for both skilled and unskilled participants.

To stay up to date with the Fiber Studio, sign up for the Fiber Newsletter.

How do I build skills in the Machine Shop?2023-01-24T17:51:02-08:00

There’s usually some kind of activity happening in the Machine Shop, so please do drop in and check it out. The best way to build skills is by doing, but you need to have a foundation of understanding before you set off on your own. The first step is Orientation, then start with the following:

  • One- and two-session classes 2-3 hours in duration that offer both foundational understanding and hands-on experience.
  • Custom Classes where a skilled instructor guides the student through a special project showing the way toward project completion.
  • Opportunities to clean and maintain the machines and spaces is an excellent way to learn your way around machine tools, but also helps keep the shop ship-shape.
  • With increased skill, individuals can serve as monitors during open studio events to gain additional experience and expand their abilities.
I want to take foundry classes! Where do I start?2022-12-23T15:14:53-08:00

Recommended Beginner Classes

  • Introduction to Metal Casting in the Foundry: Three informal online sessions that will introduce you to foundry practices
  • Pattern Making for the Foundry

Skills Classes

  1. Casting in the Foundry
  2. Casting Finishing & Patinas

Advanced Classes

  • Guided Studio in the Foundry: the skills classes noted above are prerequisites. Guided studios will help you build advanced skills.
Does casting in the foundry require multiple steps?2022-12-23T15:08:56-08:00

Yes, the casting process is comprised of three principal steps. In our program, these steps are taught in separate classes.

  1. Make a Pattern – A pattern of the desired casting can be made using any of a number of mediums including wood, wax, foam, plaster, and printing with special 3D filaments.
  2. Pour the Casting – The casting mold is created with the pattern in which molten metal is poured into a green sand mold.
  3. Finish the Casting – Various unwanted parts (sprue’s, gates, runners) are cut away from the casting. It’s then ground and surfaced to a desired shape and texture. Patinas are applied to most art pieces, while castings of utility are also usually finished to consistent luster or texture.
Where are your foundry classes held?2023-01-24T17:50:02-08:00

BARN’s melt furnace and casting events are held off-site. The pattern-making and finishing classes are conducted at BARN’s main facility.

How do I get started working with sheet metal?2022-12-23T15:14:36-08:00

We offer introductory classes on tool and shop safety, as well as the proper use of tools needed to achieve desired results. You can also take project-oriented classes to build skills by making simple household items, automotive elements, or free-style shaped art.

But perhaps you’d like renovate your classic Airstream travel trailer, or need to fabricate a new fender for your ’62 MGB. We offer special classes focused using tools like the English wheel so you can build the skills needed to create such components and more.

What do you mean by “sheet metal”?2023-01-24T17:43:35-08:00

The art of crafting sheet metal is an ancient trade with a deep history. Efforts of fashioning sculpture, shaping automotive parts, forming cookware, and making ducting are all examples of the sheet metal craft. Sheet metal varies in thickness (“gauge”), ranging from 0.006” thick for 38 gauge to nearly ¼” thick for 3 gauge. Materials include steel, galvanized steel, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and other more exotic metals. Sheet metal can be cut and shaped with hand tools, as well as larger machines such as pan brakes, shears, slip rolls, and English wheels all of which we have in our sheet metal shop.

I want to weld… How do I get started?2023-01-24T17:45:20-08:00

Take one of our beginner welding classes! The welding studio offers a progression of classes in both MIG and TIG. These are taught by a range of professional and amateur welders to begin and advance your skill level. BARN’s classes are generally focused on hobby and art welding.

Knowing there’s no substitute for “hood time” to enhance your skills, we hold open studio events to work on projects or practice to further your competency.

We also offer special classes and workshops. Over time these have included oxy/acetylene (gas) sculpture welding, garden art from found objects, designing and creating a table, creative reuse of tableware, display stands, garden art, gates and trellises, as well as aluminum welding techniques in both MIG and TIG.

Do you teach MIG and TIG welding?2023-01-24T17:46:21-08:00

Yes! We focus on two primary welding processes: MIG and TIG. MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding is the easiest to learn and the most versatile. It has wide application from garden art to furniture to structural.

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding is a bit more challenging, requiring good hand-eye coordination and a delicate touch, but produces beautiful welds with a more finished look. Both MIG and TIG are applicable to aluminum and steel.

How do I learn plasma cutting at BARN?2023-01-24T17:47:09-08:00

BARN offers a progression of classes in both methods taught by a range of professional and amateur metal workers. As with most skills, there’s no substitute for practice. In recognition of that, the Welding and Sheet Metal Studio hosts open studio events so folks may practice and develop their plasma cutting skills.

What types of plasma cutting do you teach?2023-01-24T17:48:01-08:00

BARN Metal fabrication uses two types of plasma cutting; hand-held, and CNC (Computer Numerical Control).

  • Hand-held plasma cutting is the easiest to learn with immediate reward and wide application including garden art, furniture, structural elements, and much more.
  • Where more intricate or repeated design profiles are needed, CNC plasma cutting is the better method. CNC always requires a digital representation. So, while CNC is a bit more challenging, requiring digital skills, this process will produce beautiful cuts with a more finished look. And once you have the code, you can make as many of the same parts as you want.
What is plasma cutting?2023-01-24T17:48:31-08:00

Plasma Cutting is a technique of cutting electrically conductive metals (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, titanium, and copper), both thick and thin. Plasma is created with a high-energy electric arc within a nozzle which is forced by compressed gas (typically air) to contact with the metal that the plasma then cuts. Using a finely aimed plasma torch that melts metal in its path that is then simply blown away is an empowering experience. You can do this at BARN, and it’s actually very easy and safe!

What is BARN’s Code of Conduct?2023-07-21T16:27:10-07:00

The Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN) is committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment for all participants. BARN’s Code of Conduct applies to all ages and is the foundation of BARN’s policies for working with youth. The code provides:

  • Respectful relationships are a key to BARN’s success, and will exclude any type of harassment, as well as disruptive, threatening, or unreasonable behavior that interferes with anyone’s use of the facility.
  • Respectful stewardship of equipment and the building will be key to proper maintenance and care of shared and/or personal property. Our facilities and grounds will be smoke-free and drug-free.
  • Operable firearms are not allowed.
  • While BARN-hosted events may involve alcohol, everyday activities will not.
  • Toxic materials must be safely used and properly disposed.
  • Service dogs are welcome; other animal friends are not.
  • Environmental stewardship is foundational to our mission.

Anyone not complying with the Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the BARN premises and may be barred from future access to BARN facilities and programs.

Commercial Use of BARN

In order to ensure equitable use of BARN resources in a manner consistent with BARN’s mission, no business or commercial enterprise, regardless of the manner in which it is organized (e.g., as a sole proprietorship, corporation, limited liability company, etc.), may have its employees work on projects for such business/commercial enterprise at BARN. This policy is not intended to prevent sole proprietors and the owners of such businesses/commercial enterprises who are BARN members from personally using BARN’s facilities, in accordance with each studio’s practices and policies, nor does it limit the right of individuals and businesses/enterprises who rent the kitchen, great room, commons, or small classroom to have employees work in the rented facilities.

Can I bring my dog or pet to BARN?2022-10-05T10:54:18-07:00

Service dogs are welcome at BARN. Other animal friends are not.

Is alcohol allowed at BARN?2022-10-05T10:55:16-07:00

Alcohol is only allowed at specific BARN-hosted events.

Is smoking or vaping allowed at BARN?2022-10-05T10:54:13-07:00

BARN is a non-smoking, drug-free facility. Smoking or vaping are prohibited. 

I’m a BARN member. How do I get fob access to the Jewelry Studio?2023-07-15T16:11:12-07:00

Thank you for being a member! The Jewelry Studio holds regular Open Studio hours during the week. In order to gain fob access to Open Studio, you must have a Skills Card that identifies the tools that you are trained to use.

If you are new to jewelry making, complete an introductory class in Jewelry Skills, Enameling, Lapidary, PMC, or Wax Carving. You’ll receive a Skills Card that gives you access to Open Studios and more advanced classes. Find classes on our Jewelry & Fine Metals catalog.

If you have experience making jewelry, you may receive a Skills Card through a Skills Assessment. To schedule an assessment, contact [email protected]. During the assessment, you will show samples of your work, demonstrate the tools you use, and discuss the techniques you know.

I am interested in volunteering in the Jewelry Studio. How do I get involved?2023-02-04T17:10:00-08:00

Thanks for your interest! Email the Jewelry Studio lead to find out what volunteering opportunities are available at [email protected]

I actively take classes at other locations, make jewelry, or work in fine metals now. How do I get started in the Jewelry Studio?2023-02-04T17:08:15-08:00

If you want to gain access to Open Studios, email the Jewelry Studio programming coordinator to schedule a Skills Assessment at [email protected]. During the assessment, you will show samples of your work, demonstrate the tools you use, and discuss the techniques you know.

If you want to sign up for a class, check the prerequisites to make sure that you have the skills required for the class. After you complete the class, you will receive a Skills Card that identifies the tools that you used in the class.

I haven’t made jewelry or taken classes in the last 2 years or more. How do I get started again?2023-08-08T13:55:06-07:00

Sign up for any of our introductory classes in Jewelry Skills, Enameling, Lapidary, Precious Metal Clay, or Wax Carving. After completing an introductory class, you will gain a Skills Card and be able to attend monitored Open Studios. Find classes on our Jewelry & Fine Metals calendar.

How do I get started in the Jewelry Studio?2023-02-04T17:08:07-08:00

If you are new to jewelry making, start by completing an introductory class in Jewelry Skills, Enameling, Lapidary, Precious Metal Clay, or Wax Carving. You’ll receive a Skills Card that gives you access to Open Studios and more advanced classes. Find classes on our Jewelry & Fine Metals calendar.

If you have experience making jewelry, you may receive a Skills Card through a Skills Assessment. To schedule an assessment, contact [email protected]. During the assessment, you will show samples of your work, demonstrate the tools you use, and discuss the techniques you know.

I’ve never made jewelry. How can I find out what it’s like?2023-02-04T17:08:00-08:00

Sign up for one of our “Try it!” classes to sample some jewelry-making techniques. For more in-depth work, sign up for any of our introductory classes in Jewelry Skills, Enameling, Lapidary, Precious Metal Clay, or Wax Carving. Find classes on our Jewelry & Fine Metals calendar.

I have guests visiting. Can I bring them to BARN with me?2022-09-27T13:09:58-07:00

Absolutely! Guests are welcome to take classes. They can sign up for most classes and then use the studio. They would simply pay the guest rate for the class and they pay a drop-in fee of $20 if they want to use the studio during an Open Studio period.

What is BARN’s COVID policy?2022-10-05T10:37:02-07:00

Our COVID policy is designed to keep BARN’s community safe and healthy while allowing us to fulfill our mission.

This policy is based on recommendations from Washington State Department of Health and Kitsap Public Health District. In the event Washington State or Kitsap County ever impose different public health requirements, those requirements will supersede this policy.

COVID is tough and the world is complicated. That said, our policy boils down to age-old common sense:

  • Stay home if you’re sick or could get someone sick.
  • While you’re here, take reasonable steps to keep people safe.

Access to BARN

Do not come to BARN if you should be isolating or quarantining. See the Washington Department of Health Decision Trees for details. In short:

You should isolate yourself if you test positive for COVID, or if you have one or more COVID symptoms and no alternative diagnosis. See Tree 1 for more details on isolation.

You may have to quarantine if you had close contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID. Close contacts should quarantine unless they are:

  1. Up to date” with the COVID vaccine, OR
  2. Tested positive for COVID in the last 90 days and recovered.

See Tree 2 for more details on quarantine. Do not come to BARN while you should be isolating or quarantining.

Vaccination status

BARN no longer requires all participants to be up to date with the COVID vaccine in order to enter the building. However, BARN strongly recommends staying up to date on all vaccinations, including the COVID vaccine, as a step towards protecting vulnerable community members.

Do note that the Washington Department of Health quarantine guidelines described above are more flexible for those who are up to date with their COVID vaccine or who have immunity from a confirmed recent infection.

Returning to BARN

Once you have completed your quarantine and / or isolation, you may return to BARN following the Washington State Department of Health recommendations appropriate to your exposure, infection, and immunity circumstances. In short:

  • Never come to BARN with symptoms.
  • Following exposure or infection, don’t return to BARN while the risk of spreading infection is high.
  • When you do return, wear a well-fitting mask until the risk of spreading infection has passed.
  • Monitor yourself closely for symptoms.


In general masks are optional at BARN, subject to the exceptions below. We continue to monitor public health data and recommendations and may return to an indoor mask mandate if warranted.

Masks are required if recommended by the Washington State Department of Health. For example, if you were potentially exposed to the virus or are recovering from an infection you should wear a mask while at BARN as described in that policy.

In addition, masks are required if the instructor or studio monitor leading a class or open studio decides, at their discretion, to require participants to wear masks while in the studio.

Please respect the wishes and concerns of others regarding masks. If you need a mask, BARN staff can provide one.

Exposure notifications

As an employer, BARN is required to notify employees of potential exposure at the workplace. In addition, it is BARN policy to notify members, instructors, students, and volunteers about potential exposure while at BARN in accordance with Washington Department of Health guidelines.

For this reason please notify BARN staff (by emailing [email protected]) if you learn that you were at BARN while symptomatic with COVID or you were at BARN in the two days before developing COVID symptoms. Please also include any information you can to help identify close contacts about the potential exposure, such as which studio you were using, when you were here, and specific individuals you may have had close contact with.

After BARN receives such a notification, we will work to identify close contacts and inform them about a potential exposure. We will not identify the specific person causing the exposure unless they have given us their permission.

What is BARN’s cancellation and refund policy?2023-03-22T10:37:51-07:00

To cancel your class registration, please notify the Registrar by email at [email protected] or by phone at (206) 842-4475 x200 at least four (4) days prior to the class/event start date (unless otherwise stated in the class/event description) in order to receive a refund. Youth classes generally require cancellation farther in advance (7 days prior for Summer Youth programs).

The class I want is full. What should I do?2022-09-27T12:57:58-07:00

Please add your name to the waitlist! Cancellations do happen, so a seat may open (note that you are under no obligation to take a seat that opens).  Further, putting your name on a waitlist informs us of the demand for the class. We will go back to the waitlist to notify you if a new class is scheduled so you get first dibs.

I lost my fob! What do I do?2022-09-27T12:20:36-07:00

Contact the Membership Coordinator to request a new one. There is a $25 replacement fee. If you find your old fob, return it for reimbursement.

I went to a training session or studio orientation. Why doesn’t my fob open the studio door?2022-09-27T12:13:57-07:00

There are several reasons your fob might not work, including

  • Some studios require multiple prerequisite classes or a separate skills assessment to ensure safe equipment operation. Visit our studio pages to learn more.
  • You might be trying to use your fob outside the monitored open studio time.
  • Your fob access upgrade may still be pending. Fob updates are carried out by our administrative staff remotely. Please allow approximately one business day for changes. If you have questions, please contact us
  • If you’re part of a Family membership, ensure you are using the fob assigned to your account.
  • If none of the above apply, please contact our Membership Coordinator at 206-842-4475 x202
Why doesn’t my fob work in all the studios right now?2022-09-27T12:03:35-07:00

Every studio has a set protocol for allowing members to have access to the space. This is for safety reasons and for the protection of equipment. After you attend the required orientation and/or training for a studio, the studio lead will notify the Membership Coordinator to upgrade your fob, which is done remotely.

What is my fob?2022-09-27T13:51:19-07:00

Your fob is your key to the building! Every member, ages 14 and up, receives a fob. Your fob provides access to the front and back door 7 days a week, 7 am – 10 pm.

Some studios allow fob access during Open Studio or other periods.  Once you have taken the required prerequisites to gain fob access to an applicable studio, your fob will provide you with access to that studio.

How do I get started?2022-09-27T11:50:46-07:00

We recommend exploring the studio pages, signing up for a class, taking a tour of the building, or reaching out about volunteering.

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