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Welcome to the Jewelry & Fine Metals Studio, a place to learn and share the joy of making jewelry and art using fine metals. The studio is well equipped and has a knowledgeable staff of teachers and studio monitors.  Please come join us for classes for all ages and skill levels.  As you gain experience, you can attend our open studios to work on your own projects.  And if you have previous experience, you can attend one of our Jewelry Studio Skills Assessment classes to qualify you to participate in our Open Studios.

Jewelry Studio Equipment List

12 benches each with flex shaft and dust extraction system
Rolling mills
Enameling & Metal Clay kilns
Buffing units
Belt sanders
Hydraulic presses
Shears, including step shear
GRS Engraving block
GRS Benchmate
Hand tools – tons of them
Library of over 120+ jewelers books
Rental lockers are available
Torches: acetylene, oxy/acet, Smith Little, EZ torch
Casting Equipment: Burnout kiln, Vacuum table, Centrifugal casting machine
Metalsmithing: 50+ stakes for forging & raising, 10 Pitch pots for chasing & repoussé
Lapidary Equipment: 8” & 6” Cab King machines, 6″ Diamond Pacific machine, Trim saws, Circular grinder

Jewelry Open Studios

Click here to see the Jewelry Open Studios calendar.

Open Studios are free for members, and $20 for non-members.

Get Involved

BARN offers Open Studio time for members to work alone or in groups, overseen by experienced safety monitors.
The Women’s Shelter Jewelry Program
Join our Casting Club
Become a Studio Monitor
Join our Jewelry Steering Committee
Teach Classes in the Jewelry Studio

Studio Lead: Joan Hammond
Contact the Jewelry Studio.
Phone: 206-842-4475, ext. 213

Jewelry Studio Safety Protocols