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Jewelry & Fine Metals

Create with Stones, Beads, and Fine Metals

Learn and share the joy of making jewelry for yourself and others and explore the art of working with fine metals. Whether you are new to jewelry-making or have years of experience, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge, tools, and equipment in the Jewelry studio. You’ll learn from professional working jewelry artists who will inspire and support you.

To get started in the Jewelry Studio, sign up for an introductory class in Jewelry Skills, Enameling, Lapidary, Precious Metal Clay (PMC), or Wax Carving. Once you complete the class, you’ll receive a Skills Card giving you access to Open Studios and more advanced classes. Experienced jewelers can schedule a skills assessment to qualify for a Skills Card.

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Jewelry Making

BARN’s Jewelry studio offers all the essential tools that you need to get started making jewelry and many specialty tools for more advanced techniques. There are 12 jeweler’s benches, each equipped with a Flex Shaft and a Smith Little Oxy-Propane torch. You’ll find classes to take you from beginning to intermediate to advanced skill levels in a variety of techniques and materials, including cutting, forming and soldering metal; stone setting; lost wax carving and casting; precious metal clay; and more. Completing an introductory class in any technique gives you access to Open Studios and the tools you’ve learned to use.

Hydraulic Press
Jewelry learning lapidary skills in the BARN Jewelry Studio


Shape and polish stones, minerals, or gemstones in the practice known as lapidary. If you’ve been intrigued by stones, by their color and texture and shapes, you’ll love lapidary. BARN offers the classes and has the equipment that you need to get started. Intro to Lapidary: Cutting and Carving Stones is a two-session class that will give you the basics of how to cut and polish cabochons (stones that have been prepared for jewelry-making use) from rough. Completion of that class will give you access to Open Studio time and use of the studio’s lapidary tools.


The practice of fusing a colorful powder coating to metal at extremely high temperatures has been used for centuries to add vibrant color to jewelry without using stones. BARN offers a series of classes in the many different uses and types of enameling and has the supplies and kilns needed to achieve brilliant results. Start with a Try It! Enameling class and get ready to explore the possibilities.

Jeweler placing enamel piece in one of the Jewelry Studio's kilns.
Beaded wire bracelets made for a BARN Jewelry class


The art or craft of attaching beads to one another by stringing them onto a thread or thin wire is known as beadwork. It can be done using looms or hand-stringing. Beads can be made of stone, shells, ceramics, metal, or glass, and stitched together in an almost limitless variety of patterns. The BARN community includes many accomplished bead artists who can help you explore the facets of this ancient art.

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