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Kitchen Arts

Celebrating Food and Community

Food brings us together. It nourishes us in ordinary and extraordinary ways through aromas and tastes that speak to our childhood, festive occasions, and shared experiences throughout our lives.

Kitchen Arts helps you explore and create your own foodways with a fully equipped commercial kitchen and a large and active community of bakers, chefs, and home cooks eager to share their knowledge.

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Using dry heat, hot stones, or even ashes to transform batters and doughs into warm, crusty deliciousness is called baking. It is both an art and a science, which can make it intimidating at first. But once you learn some basic practices, you’ll be ready to explore the vast repertoire of baked goods, from pies and pastries to bagels, breads (yeasted and sourdough), and even pretzels. In addition to expert instructors, BARN’s convection ovens and rainbow array of mixers are at hand to make things easier.

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Teacher and student in Thai cooking class in BARN Kitchen


Preparing food with heat or fire, by fermenting, drying, or freezing, is a journey that lasts a lifetime. The Kitchen Arts Studio offers classes and equipment that can open a new world of culinary inspiration. You’ll find classes on everything from making traditional foods like Challah bread and Bolognese to plant-based Japanese food, and seasonal favorites such as Bûche de Noël. And our youth classes are inspiring the next generation of cooks.

Wine & Beverage

Sip and savor at BARN! The Kitchen Arts studio frequently hosts wine tastings and cocktail classes, ideal for budding sommeliers and mixologists. Taste your way around the globe without leaving Bainbridge Island.

Wine tasting at BARN
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Community Events

While Kitchen Arts does not offer traditional Open Studio hours, we occasionally offer “Open House” community meetup events. Learn More »

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What’s the first step to getting started in the Kitchen Arts Studio? View FAQ »

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The Kitchen Arts Studio needs you! Volunteer to help with classes, special projects, and more. Become a Kitchen Assistant! Volunteer opportunities »

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