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The wood and boatbuilding studio in BARN’s new center features an enclosed bench room of 1,050 square feet for hand tool use and a main shop area of 3,500 square feet equipped with all major power tools, multiple lathes, and an area dedicated to repairing and building small boats. Read more about our wonderful new shop.

Shaped by the vision of Roger Lauen, this is a true community woodshop, welcoming woodworkers of all skill levels from throughout the West Sound. Beginners will find all the training they need, and seasoned woodworkers will have access to tools that even many professional shops lack, as well as opportunities to share their knowledge with others.

Benefits of getting involved

  • BARN offers open studio time for members to work alone or in groups, overseen by experienced safety monitors.
  • The studio hosts monthly presentations by guest speakers on unique aspects of woodworking and boat construction.
  • As a part of BARN, you have access to other studios as a resource for cross-discipline projects and creativity.
  • Whether you are building a personal project or assisting in one of our many community service endeavors, the BARN woodworkers’ studio is designed to teach, support and energize your love of woodworking.

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Woodworking Studio Phone:
(Main Studio)
206-842-4475, ext. 230.

(Bench Room)
206-842-4475, ext. 205.

Watch informative videos on safe use of the shop’s equipment.

Certified shop safety monitors please sign in here to self-schedule.

Monitors use SLACK to discuss monitor issues. To request access, please email here.

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