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Storytelling with Images and Sound

If you’re an aspiring filmmaker, photographer, podcaster, or audio engineer, you’ll find support and inspiration in the Media Arts Studio. You’ll find a fully equipped podcast recording studio, home of the all-volunteer BARN Community Broadcasting.

There are several workstations with access to media software such as GarageBand, iMovie, Audacity, Logic Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and more. The studio also offers short-term loans of microphones, audio recorders, cameras, and lights to BARN members.

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The art and practice of using light to create a durable image is evolving every day. New tools, techniques, and production methods create new possibilities to explore. BARN offers classes in the tools and techniques that can take your pictures to the next level, whether you’re using a smartphone, a digital single-lens reflex camera, or a film camera. You can explore how to see and capture the images that capture events, trips, people, or places.

Abstract photograph from Youth Camera Creativity class
Mobile phone on gimbal for mobile filmmaking


Whether it’s used for entertainment, learning, or advertising, video is everywhere. Almost everyone now has a quality video camera in their phone, and the storytelling possibilities are endless. Learn the video production process, from shooting to storytelling, editing, technical aspects, and equipment in the Media Arts Studio.


A podcast is any program – digital audio, video, or both – available for download over the Internet. The growth of streaming applications and podcasting services has given broad access to these programs. BARN has a very active podcasting community and a fully equipped podcast recording studio with editing equipment. The studio is also home to the all-volunteer Bainbridge Community Broadcasting.

Youth using podcasting studio at BARN
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Find out more about the BARN Media Arts Studio and how to get started. Read Media Arts FAQ »

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Help keep the Media Arts Studio running smoothly! We have lots of volunteer opportunities.  Learn more »

Podcast Reservation

Podcasting Reservations

BARN members who have attended orientations may book time in the podcast recording studio for personal or class use. Learn more »

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