From the dazzling exploits of Team Sail Like a Girl to the complex issues around affordable housing, the subjects tackled by the volunteer hosts who run Bainbridge Community Broadcasting (BCB) out of BARN’s Media Arts & BCB studio are capturing – and sharing — the essence of Bainbridge Island.

Media Arts & BCB may be the smallest studio at BARN in terms of physical size, but its contribution to the cultural and civic life of the community is immeasurable. Since joining BARN, the intrepid volunteers of BCB have given countless hours of their time, producing over 95 podcasts in this year alone to introduce events, individuals, ideas and organizations to help build a stronger sense of community on the Island.

Their carefully researched and prepared interviews with artists, actors, civic leaders, historians, authors, adventurers and non-profit execs cover everything from schools to sculptures, from pageants to picnics and from Arts and Artists to Zero Waste. If it’s happening on the Island, chances are you’ll hear about it on BCB.

“Podcasts are a wonderful way to get the word out about what this community has to offer,” said BCB manager Diane Walker. “We have some incredible people on this island, with amazing experiences to share – and with over 200 non-profits needing to get the word out about the work they do and the services they provide, there are lots of opportunities for us to help them tell their stories as well. It’s wonderfully satisfying work: we really feel like everything we do is helping to foster a more united and resilient community.”