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The Writers Studio offers classes, inspiration, and community for writers of all skill levels. Whether you are beginning a writing journey, mastering the craft of writing or learning the business in order to become a published author, the Writers Studio is here for you.

BARN is part of the Washington State Phase 3 reopening so we are waiting with everyone else to see how the timing unfolds. We will continue to offer online classes as long as necessary.  Fobs will be activated as soon as BARN is open.  Stay well and stay tuned!

 Word Sprint (a timed writing session) takes place from 9:30 to 11:30 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Wednesday and Friday mornings are reserved for Quiet Writing Time from 8:00 until noon. A number of Writing Groups have also formed focusing on different genres.  Some have reached their maximum numbers; others are open for new participants.

If you are a BARN member and want to have fob access to the Writers Studio, you can attend an orientation on either the first or third Tuesday of each month. The orientations are scheduled for 11:30am. If you cannot attend at either of those times, please send an email to set up another time.

Completing the orientation will allow you to use the room for your own writing whenever a class, event, or meeting is not scheduled. Come by or consult the Calendar for open times.

We welcome your participation and value your ideas and suggestions.


 Upcoming Classes and Events

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Sallie Maron: writers.lead@BainbridgeBARN.org

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Writers’ Studio Phone: Please note that no permanent staff is maintained to answer the studio phone. 206-842-4475, ext. 215.

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