BARN woodworkers completed two service projects in September — one for Bainbridge Public Library and one for another very worthy cause. Giving back to the community is an important part of BARN’s mission, and BARN volunteers complete several projects each year.

The library approached BARN about a footbridge on its grounds sorely in need of repair or replacement (pictured showing damaged boards). Dick Culp, Wood Studio community service coordinator, and David Grant determined the old bridge was too far gone to be repaired.

So, Dick and David built a new footbridge (see photo above).

Library Board Director Kip Bankart had this to say about the new bridge: “Thank you for your very generous contribution of expertise, time, and effort. Your willingness to volunteer ‘for the greater good’ is a clear demonstration of what makes our island so special.”

The second project came to BARN from Mel Carson. Nineteen years ago, an auto accident in front of his home on Tolo Road took the life of an island teen named Sarah.

Bridge Detail
Memorial cross

A friend of Sarah’s family made a memorial cross and installed it, unbeknownst to Sarah’s family. Mel asked if it could be replaced once the base of the cross had rotted and the cross toppled. Dick and David found the cross was mostly in good condition so they cut off the base and scarfed on a new section of treated wood. The surface was cleaned and repainted.

Sarah’s mother, Caroline, sent this photo and said: “Please know that your act of kindness counted and will always be appreciated.”

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