Help set the table for a new, interactive exhibit in the Commons.

“What’s for Dinner?” is the Kitchen Arts Studio’s delicious exploration of culinary ideas and traditions, and BARN artisans are invited to contribute in a variety of ways.

First, consider sharing your functional and cultural art to adorn the tablescape in the Commons. Think bowls, plates, glasses, utensils, centerpieces, napkins, tablecloths—and any artwork that celebrates fall and winter food traditions. Don’t be shy about sharing your work; we’d like to celebrate this season with the varied traditions that make up our community. To participate, just place your item on the dining room table. Use the blank place cards provided to share your name and a description of the piece.

Second, check out the recipe exchange — share a favorite recipe and take one to try at home!

Finally, be sure to check out our free, live culinary demonstrations, including:

Friday, Dec. 1, 4-6 PM: Pasta
See how pasta is made in this free demonstration (and tasting)

Wednesday, Dec. 13, 11 AM – 12:30 PM – Donabe (clay pot)
See a live demo of donabe — one of most beloved tools of Japanese cooking 

Wednesday, Dec. 13, 4-5 PM – Cheese
Taste and learn about cheese in this demonstration

And join us on Tuesday, Dec. 19 from 2:30 to 3:30 PM for a cookie exchange.

This is a dynamic, participatory installation, so be sure to drop by often and check out “What’s for Dinner?” to see what’s new. Look for the menu board list of upcoming events and share your ideas for demonstrations or other activities by emailing