New Instructor Dana Harris Seeger

Print & Book Arts is excited to offer two upcoming classes with our newest instructor, Dana Harris Seeger. Dana is a member of the California Society of Printmakers and cofounder of the School of Visual Philosophy in San Jose, Calif. Her work as a painter and printmaker focuses on connections between past and present, between different artistic mediums, and between different learning styles.

On Dec. 7, she’ll lead Introduction to Linocut where students will learn the art of relief printing as they create their own soft carve linoleum plates. Her Dec. 12 workshop on Intaglio Printing is beginner-friendly, offering a great introduction to printmaking and the studio’s etching press.

Help purchase a new etching press for the studio!

Our small Ettan Press is no longer working for our studio. We’d like to replace it with a new etching press that can be used from our adjustable cart. This would allow the press to be lowered so it can be used while sitting, making it accessible to those with limited mobility.

A second press also would allow more members to work at one time, and alleviate bottlenecks that can occur during printmaking classes. With this in mind, we’re starting fundraising efforts towards this significant purchase. We launched the effort at the BARN Bazaar last weekend, with the sale of cards and paper flowers created by studio members.

You can also donate any amount through BARN’s Giving Tree.

We’re also selling the Ettan Press “as is” for $700 and 100% of the proceeds will go towards purchase of the new press.

Full disclosure: the Ettan has a warped bed that would need to be replaced so the new owner needs to have a little know-how to make the correct adjustments to the bed and rollers. However, for an experienced printer who has worked with this type of press before, it could be a great addition to a home studio!

Contact us before Nov. 27 if you’d like to purchase the press.

Etching Press

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