Plus a Tidy Fridays Update!

Our second, re-energized Tidy Friday has yielded great results! Folks showed up, cleaned the equipment and spaces, enjoyed pastries and pizza, and shared in the fun of working together to keep our shops in good shape. If you’re looking for a project to sink your teeth into, there are ample opportunities for that, too. In either case, you’re invited to come to BARN from 10 am to noon on the second and fourth (Tidy) Fridays to share a few grins, and enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow metal makers.

As Metal-Fab has expanded its repertoire of classes and crafting opportunities, we’ve been hard-pressed for space to store our equipment while maintaining a safe work environment. The next time you come to BARN, look at the space outside the double doors of the welding shop and you’ll see a new shed where we now store our gas tanks and other equipment. Big thanks to the team who procured and assembled this much-needed addition to our studio!!

You may know that we’ve not had a forge/blacksmith program for the last year. We’re looking to change that in January with some regularly scheduled forging classes on the concrete apron outside the welding shop in front of the new shed. Expect to see an array of classes that will help blacksmithing novices become able creators of tools and art in forged steel. It’s my hope that this is the beginning of a solid smithing program, and BARN Metal Fabbers will realize firsthand the creative potential it offers.

Until the next time, be safe and have fun!!

David Hays
Metal Fabrication Lead

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