Hi everyone! January was a whirlwind and I missed out on thanking you all for a wonderful end to 2023. In fewer than three weeks, we held a record 22 classes, several open studios, and a dozen free demos. It was a ton of fun to see all the participation from students, volunteers, and instructors.

We’re well into 2024, and the studio has hit the ground running. We’ve had classes on whiskey history, tea tasting, dumplings for the Lunar New Year, more open studios, and some incredible classes on Japanese cooking (how about those udon noodles?).

We’ve also been enjoying a lot of youth programming; Youth Maker Mondays have been a blast, and Teen Nights have been busier than ever. We’re currently working on some exciting summer classes for youth.

We have a couple of slots left in some of our March classes — check out Chef Elisa’s recent offerings. There’s one on French lentil soup and, of course, a class to help you get ready for Pi Day. Anne Wilihot is also back in the kitchen, along with her friend Abby Rappoport; they will be teaching a class on nourishing herbal drinks at the end of the month. And for those of you hankering for a veggie lasagna, Nancy Travis will show you how to apply her plant-based magic to this classic comfort food dish.

Check out the calendar for a complete list of everything fun we have in store.

All in all, it’s been a lot of fun seeing this culinary community grow. It’s exciting to think about another spring on the rock with all of you.

Finally, be on the lookout for another email from us soon – we’ll be sharing an interesting idea and would love your feedback.



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