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Kitchen Arts

Food brings us together. It nourishes us in ordinary and extraordinary ways through aromas and tastes that speak to our childhood, festive occasions, and holidays, and to shared experiences throughout our lives. Whether we grow some of our own food, buy it at the Farmers’ Market, or make a regular pilgrimage to the grocery store, we relish and appreciate the bounty that brings us all to the table.

Kitchen Arts invites you to celebrate the many ways food can bring us together. From folks who wish to add to their cooking skills, to neighbors who wish to gather and put-up their seasonal harvest and entrepreneurs who wish to incubate food product ideas, the BARN certified kitchen is a hub for these endeavors and more.

Check out the full studio calendar for classes and other kitchen events. And join the Kitchen Arts Facebook Group to see updates on what’s cooking.

We’re ready for you! Can you smell the bread baking?

Kitchen Arts Studio Lead:
Chris West

Contact the Kitchen Arts Studio

Kitchen Arts Studio Phone:
206-842-4475, ext. 210


Washington State Food Handlers Permit