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Wood Studio updates for July

The Makerspace Blues

A few days ago, a few of us noticed that the important mechanism that adjusts the brake cartridge on the big SawStop table saw was not working. The large bolt with the yellow top, which is turned to ensure the all-important brake cartridge is correctly positioned relative to the saw blade, would not function. The bolt could be turned, but the brake cartridge would not move.

That’s not good. The brake cartridge is what prevents the saw from cutting off your fingers!

How could this happen?  Clearly, someone over-tightened the screw and actually managed to strip the threads in the plate that holds the brake cartridge. Over-tightening is an endemic problem in our studio.

We have ordered the replacement parts and will try to make the repair ourselves. But it is a very complex procedure, and if it turns out to be more than we can handle, we’ll have to call in professionals and incur a significant repair expense. In the meantime, indicator lights on the saw show that the brake cartridge in its fixed position relative to the currently installed blade will still function to prevent an accident.

This is not the first time misuse has severely damaged one of our machines; it probably won’t be the last. BARN is a makerspace. Hundreds of members and visitors enjoy the incredible facility we have built. This is just my plea: Please be gentle with our machines.

– Mike Gearheard

Wood Works Exhibition opens July 5

Don’t miss the opening reception for this summer’s Wood Works Exhibition, featuring work by BARN members. The show will open this Friday, July 5, with a reception from 4:30 to 5:30 PM, and remain in The Commons until the end of September. This is a great opportunity to celebrate each other’s work and share our inspiration, skill, and creativity with visitors and other artisans. See you there!

Monthly Meeting Resumes in August

Please note that there will be no monthly woodworker meeting scheduled for July due to many of our members’ summer travel plans. We hope everyone enjoys their summer adventures! Our monthly meetings will resume on Saturday, Aug. 10, at 10 AM in the Great Room. We’re excited to announce that our speaker will be Evan Bombardier, an arborist who will share his expertise on everything related to trees. We look forward to seeing you there!

– Marianne

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