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Fiber Arts: Meet Ship Your Expert Dyeing Guide

Vickie Pryce, known as “Ship,” is an indie dyer who gets inspiration for yarn colorways from anime, video games, and other nerdy things. Ship has been dyeing yarn since 2018, crocheting since 2010, and, more recently, picking up knitting and weaving. She has always loved sharing her passions with others, whether that is screaming about the things she loves or teaching others how to create.

Shipyarn is an idea that came about due to Ship’s love of fandom. She needed a creative outlet to celebrate her favorite characters, so she figured why not express her love with her other obsession: YARN. She quickly found her desire to dye yarn outpacing her ability to actually make anything with the yarn, and thus, Shipyarn was officially born!

Ship soon discovered a love of sharing her new findings when she started demonstrating her dyeing process on the streaming service Twitch. She loved this interactive knowledge sharing so much that she decided to also start teaching in-person workshops at BARN. She has had a blast sharing her knowledge in person with so many wonderful people!

Ship regularly attends the acid dyeing open studio on the first Sunday of the month. She has been creating a catalog of dye color samples in various depths of shade (DOS), using her own collection of dyes and dyes available in the lab at BARN for members to use. This catalog is designed for anyone interested in acid dyeing to use as a reference for seeing the kinds of colors that are available and for planning and brainstorming their colorways.

The catalog includes extra pages and a link to download and print more. Anyone at BARN who understands how to dye for specific DOS can add samples to the catalog.

Ship’s not-to-miss classes include Playing With Color, an introductory overview of how to achieve specific DOS, and Dye Another Day,  a deep dive into the topic.

Don’t miss out! Scholarships and tuition assistance are available — find details in the course descriptions.

Playing with Color: Intro to Contemporary Yarn Dyeing
2 meetings, beginning Saturday, July 13, 1 – 5 PM

Ever wondered how indie dyers create beautiful, brightly colored skeins of yarn? Let a local indie dyer show you! Learn more

Dye Another Day: Dyeing Reproducible Colorways
2 meetings, beginning Saturday, Oct. 26, 12 – 5 PM

Learn how to achieve accurate, specific, and reproducible yarn colorways with commercial acid dyes. Learn more

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