Woodworking Studio Health Protection Protocols - BARN

Woodworking Studio Health Protection Protocols

Procedures for Open Studio Sessions (revised May 27, 2021)

  • Wear a fabric mask and eye protection at all times. The mask will be needed upon entry to the building at the main door. Face shields may be used in place of eyeglasses if fogging occurs. As an alternative, the solution used by SCUBA divers to reduce fogging is available in the eyewear drawer.
  • Sign in and pull your card as usual, in the bench room. The sign-in sheet has been modified to include a statement regarding absence of symptoms in the past 7 days (7 days is BARN policy).
  • Contact the shift monitor and explain what you will be working on. The monitor may ask you to work in a specific place to ensure distancing. If there are already 17 people (including the monitor and manager) in the shop, the monitor may allow this limit to be exceeded for a short time (one hour). If you are waiting to use the shop, you may not wait in the BARN building outside the studios.
  • Ventilation: One garage door will be open whenever weather permits, and dust control will be on to maximize fresh air flow. Do not run overhead Jet filters or the overhead paddle fans.
  • Maintain 6-foot spacing where possible and minimize closer contact. The assembly tables are arranged to facilitate this.
  • It is not necessary to sanitize tools and surfaces after use. However, cleaning up dust and debris and replacing tools after your project is finished are still expected.
  • Back door access: After entering the building and the studio you may transport project material in and out via the SE back door. Please ensure this door is closed and locked after use.
  • Food and drink should be consumed outside the building, but water bottles with a protective cap over the spout are permitted in the studio.