Woodworking Studio Health Protection Protocols - BARN

Woodworking Studio Health Protection Protocols

The Woodworking Studio follows all BARN-wide protection measures for the health and well-being of participants, in accordance with state and CDC guidelines. Building entry is via the upstairs main door only. Everyone is required to wear masks, wash or sanitize hands frequently, maintain a distance of six feet between individuals, and stay home if they have been sick in the past seven days.

These are the specific protocols currently in place for the Woodworking Studio. They are subject to change, as warranted.

Overall studio policies:

  1. The garage roll-up doors should be kept open whenever weather conditions permit, to foster maximum ventilation with outside air. At least one of the Bench Room doors must be open, and the dust control system must be on at all times. The overhead Jet filters also should be in operation at all times.  Avoid using compressed air – use a shop vacuum instead. Use of pneumatic tools is OK.
  2. Denatured alcohol will be available for sanitizing surfaces and tools in the shop. Water-based sanitizing solutions should not be used, to minimize risk of tool corrosion. We suggest that each user select hand tools to be used while in the studio and keep them in a tray or plastic bag, for sanitizing when finished. To sanitize, use the smallest possible volume of solvent, and wear latex or nitrile gloves to avoid skin contact.
  3. Participants in Open Studio sessions must sign up in advance for the area they wish to use. Capacities are 2 people in the lathe area, 4 people at work tables and tools in the main shop space, and 3 people in the bench room. One monitor will also be present, for a maximum of 10 people present.
  4. Open Studio sessions are 2 hours long. If demand warrants, sessions may become longer or additional sessions may be added.
  5. Monitor shifts will be 2½ hours, which includes half an hour for cleaning after each Open Studio session.

Policies affecting individual woodworkers:

  1. Wearing a fabric mask covering nose and mouth at all times meets BARN’s safety requirement; higher-order respiratory protection, such as an N95 mask, is optional.
  2. Safety glasses must be worn at all times, including in the Bench Room. These need to be brought from home, if possible, because sanitizing loaner eyewear is likely to be difficult.
  3. The same sanitation issue applies to earmuffs.  Wearing these is optional.
  4. Gloves are optional, but, if worn, they must be tight-fitting. Single-use gloves must be disposed of properly (in the red can).
  5. Hands should be washed at a minimum upon entry and exit, using the sink in the main shop.

Other considerations:

  1. Project supplies and finished projects may be transported between the studio and the user’s vehicle via the door in the southeast corner, after initial building entry via the front door.
  2. To keep assembly tables freely available, glued-up items may need to be moved onto countertops or to designated open floor areas for storage. Owing to limited space for this purpose, user cooperation in all of these procedures will be crucial.