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Apply to Teach at BARN

BARN Call for Teaching Artisans and Class/Workshop Proposals

Printmaking teacher assists a student to properly register her paper on the press.

Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN) is seeking teachers who are exceptional role models, excellent instructors, and enjoy working with fellow artisans of all ages and skill levels.

Class and workshop proposals must relate to and fit into one or more of the ten studios at BARN (described below). Teachers are hired and classes chosen upon the Studio’s approval. Classes can be proposed for any skill level and for any length of time.

If you have questions about studio equipment, studio capacity, or other factors to consider before sending in your application, please email Grae Drake: [email protected]


Please email your class/workshop proposal to Grae Drake: [email protected].

Please include the following in your proposal:

  • Contact Information (Name, Email, Phone Number);
  • Which studio your proposal should be sent to (see list below);
  • Descriptive class proposal including level of experience and equipment needed;
  • Your Resume or description of experience;
  • Examples of your work and/or your students’ work (up to 5);
  • Two (2) references who can speak to your teaching experience.
Students assemble their projects in the woodworking studio


A contact from the studio will reach out to you for additional information.  If your class proposal is accepted by the studio you will be asked to complete the following:

  • Application for background check 
  • BARN Instructor Master Contract


Book Arts

Techniques currently taught include bookbinding, box-making/construction, paper art techniques, pop-up book techniques and letterpress printing (type and photo polymer).

Special equipment includes Challenge MPC Proof Press, lead type and letterpress galleys, composing sticks and furniture, two tabletop clamshell presses, two Kutrimmer paper cutters, and photopolymer plate-making equipment including laptop and Adobe Photoshop.

Electronic and Technical Arts

Techniques currently taught include rapid prototyping and fabrication, 3D printing, electronics circuits, robotics, embedded electronics, and software coding.

Special equipment includes full Spectrum 45 Watt CO2 laser cutter, Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer, Prusa i3 Mk2 3D printers, four-channel digital oscilloscope (Rigol DS1104Z), microscope and hot air soldering station and miscellaneous hand tools.

Fiber Arts

Techniques currently taught include weaving, print and pattern design, dyeing, sewing, surface design, basketry, felting, knitting, spinning, embellishment, doll construction, embroidery, quilting and lace making.

Special equipment includes Sailrite Industrial sewing machine, multiple floor looms, table looms, stand looms, spinning wheels, sewing machines, equipped dye room, washer and dryer, dark room and silk screen equipment.

Glass Arts

Techniques currently taught include fused glass, kiln usage, casting, stained glass, flamework, glass cutting/grinding, glass powders, and mosaics,

Special equipment includes a kiln room with Paragon kilns,  GL25,  CS-26,  and Pearl 4426,  two Paragon BlueBird XL bead kilns, two Paragon Caldera Vitrigraph kilns, a Foredom drill, and strip cutters; a wet room with glass wet saw, belt sander, lap, ring saws, and grinders; and a 10-station torch bench with Bethlehem Alpha oxy/propane torches.

Jewelry and Fine Metals

Techniques currently taught include: jewelry fabrication; enameling; lapidary; lost wax carving and casting; stone setting; forming and texturing; chasing and repoussé; Precious Metal Clay; and beading.

Studio equipment includes twelve jeweler’s benches equipped with a torch, flex shaft, and a dust extraction vent; hand tools; buffing machines; enameling kilns; gemstone cutting, grinding, and polishing machines; wax carving tools, burnout kiln, and centrifugal casting machine; chasing and repoussé tools; rolling mills; hydraulic presses; and metalsmithing stakes and hammers.

Kitchen Arts

Techniques currently taught include bread baking, cookie decorating, fermentation, knife skills, pastry baking, vegetarian cooking, grilling, oyster harvesting, and tastings.

Special equipment includes gas stove, large mixer, walk-in refrigerator, individual workstations with induction burners, and convection oven.

Media Arts

Techniques currently taught include: broadcasting, audio editing, and video editing

Special equipment includes Audio recording studio with 4 microphones, editing workstations for audio and video, video cameras and tripods, green screens, portable audio recorders for audio and video, LED portable lighting, video camera gamble, and wireless and wired microphones.

Metal Fabrication

Techniques currently taught include MIG, TIG and stick welding, plasma cutting & grinding; sheet metal work; and machine shop practice including milling, drilling, sawing, lathe work and using CNC equipment.

Special equipment includes MIG, TIG and Stick welding machines for steel and aluminum, plasma cutters, and grinders in the Welding Studio; a brake, shear, roller, english wheel and spot welder in the Sheet Metal Studio; Metal Lathes, a CNC and 2 manual milling machines, drill press, hydraulic press, band saws, and precision measuring tools in the Machine Shop. A CNC plasma cutter is a recent addition.


Techniques currently taught include monotype printing, relief printing, drypoint, shellac plates, chine collé, collage and stencilling.

Special equipment includes large Tekach etching press, small Ettan etching press, large soaking basin, two large Tekach rollers, assortment of large Tekach brayers, large format color copier/scanner and ten workspaces.


Current classes teach woodworking techniques through projects using hand tools, hand power tools and professional level power equipment. Projects include the harvesting and preparing wood, furniture construction, wooden jewelry, wood turning, boat building and guitar making.

Special equipment includes a wide variety of hand tools as well as table saw, bandsaw, miter saw, scroll saw, router, drill press, jointer, planer and multiple kinds of power sanders.  The latest addition is a CNC router shaping machine.


Subjects currently taught include memoir writing, story and character development, creative non-fiction, essay writing, blog writing and development, preparing to publish, poetry, and children’s literature.