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Tech Lab Resources

Example Tech Lab Projects

December 28, 2022|

Tech Lab is: Makers, inventors, techies, and others who embrace digital tools.  We design, model, prototype, wire, and code.Check out some of our example projects ...Full story »

Rigol Oscilloscope Usage

December 20, 2022|

The BARN Tech Lab's oscilloscope is available for electronics testing within the studio. Access informational and instructional documents below. Rigol DS1000Z Digital Oscilloscope Data ...Full story »

Multimeter Resources

December 20, 2022|

The Tech Lab has several multimeters available for use. Access specifications and instructions below. Amprobe AM-270 User Manual Amprobe AM-270 Data Sheet UNI-T UT136A/B/C/D ...Full story »

Laser Cutter Usage

December 17, 2022|

The Tech Lab's large laser ,“Big Red,” is generally capable of cutting wood products 1/4″ thick and beyond. It can also mark many other ...Full story »

Soldering Guide

December 17, 2022|

The studio has a soldering station complete with microscopic assist for very fine soldering activities. To get started, take an Electronics Soldering class with ...Full story »

3D Glossary

December 17, 2022|

New to 3D fabrication?  Get familiar with the terms and acronyms commonly used when describing 3D processes and programs. Access 3D Glossary ...Full story »

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