In this edition of What’s Up Bainbridge, chef, cook, artisan, entrepreneur, and teacher Erik Peterson joins us to discuss his upcoming three-part series on cooking with Fresh Sea Kelp.  The classes are being held at BARN (Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network) in the Kitchen Arts Studio and can be found by going to and looking under Classes/Events.

Each class will be co-hosted by sea kelp farmer Markos Scheer and his wife Hillary Scheer, giving students an opportunity to learn about this quickly evolving aquaculture industry. 

The series is organized by technique and is intended to be a playful introduction to an ingredient that you will find easy to work with in a wide variety of flavor profiles and applications.  Fresh alaria ribbon kelp is a mildly flavored sea green with a thin and pleasing crunch.  Many unique sea greens exist but this is the kelp that will be focused on in each class.

Credits: BCB host, Bob Ross; audio editor, Keith Doughty; publisher, Bob Ross