Follow instructions from the safety monitor. Discuss them if you disagree, but the monitor has the final say.

If you are not sure whether a procedure is safe, ask the safety monitor or shop manager before you turn on the tool. You can also read the tool’s handbook, stored in the library area of the bench room, and review safety videos made in the woodshop.

Besides tool-specific safety requirements, these are general safety requirements:

  • Be aware of your surroundings and avoid standing in the kickback zone for tools such as the table saws and jointers.
  • If you must talk to someone using a power tool, wait for them to finish and approach from the side.
  • Wear safety glasses in the main shop at all times. In the bench room, safety glasses are required only while operating grinders in the sharpening area.
  • In both rooms, you must wear closed-toe shoes. If you are using power equipment, tie back long hair and avoid dangly clothing and jewelry.
  • Do not listen to music through earbuds or ear muffs so you can hear if a tool is making an unusual noise or if a safety monitor needs to give you guidance.