Electronic & Technical Arts Safety Protocols - BARN

Electronic & Technical Arts Safety Protocols

The goal of these protocols is to reduce the risk of airborne virus transfer between members during in-studio classes and open studio hours.  We not only want everyone to be safe, but also want you to feel that we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that safety.  These protocols will go into effect once Kitsap County is approved for Phase 3 and beyond.

  • Each Open Studio session is open to 3 Members only at this time.
  • No more than 4 people in the studio at one time (this includes one monitor).
  • Please reserve your spot for open studios using BARN’s ETA calendar. Look for the words (in-studio).
  • Everyone must wear a face mask or face shield at all times. This is required BARN-wide upon building entry.
  • We may allow walk-ins if there’s capacity. Please ask us on slack’s #eta-general channel about capacity before coming to BARN.
  • Maximum of 1 person per table.
  • Maximum of 1 person in the back room.
  • No food or drinks in the studio. You can’t eat or drink with a mask on!
  • Observe 6 foot spacing between members at all times. (Tables are arranged to facilitate this. Please don’t move them.)
  • Monitors have the option of reducing the duration of an open studio at their discretion.
  • Please minimize your time in the studio. E.g., start a print job, check that the first layer was successful, and then exit.
  • ETA will offer a “virtual open studio” Zoom session during the physical open studio. Details will be posted on our website soon. Feel free to ask about using Zoom as an alternative to coming in.


Specific Safety Protocols                 

  • Wash your hands BEFORE entering the studio. We’ll leave hand sanitizer outside of the studio for you.
  • Wearing a face mask or face shield at all times is required.
  • Observe 6 foot social distancing at all times.
  • Wipe down all surfaces (including tools) after use, and ideally before use as well.
  • ETA no longer offers shared safety goggles. We recommend you bring in your own.
  • The studio door will be closed during open studio.
  • All members must fob into the studio.
  • Non-members need to knock at the studio door.
  • All participants must sign-in upon entry to the studio. This will enable tracking of folks in attendance to support contact tracing.


If you have questions, please contact BARN’s Studio Lead, Doug Salot.