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BARN 2023 Community Impact Report

2023: A Year of Healthy Growth

I’m pleased to share this report highlighting some of BARN’s achievements in growing and inspiring our creative community. BARN remains in strong financial health while continuing to increase access to studios and programs and lay a strong foundation for the future.

We completed the purchase of the adjoining Tree Farm Property with the 8840 GO! campaign (as of February) and began planning our future expansion through town hall meetings, focus groups, and interviews. We laid the groundwork for continued healthy growth by investing in systems, adding staff to support studios, launching a new website and course management system. These changes will further our mission to grow and inspire a creative community through craft, learning, and service.

The Board of Directors adopted a strategic plan that will guide our actions and resource allocation over the next three years, emphasizing our core values of inclusivity, craft, stewardship, volunteerism, and service.

Looking back, we’re proud of what we’ve achieved and excited about the future, mindful that none of this would be possible without the amazing members, volunteers and supporters who make BARN a vital hub of creativity and community.

With gratitude,

Grae Drake
Executive Director, BARN

Grae Drake

2023 AT A GLANCE »

classes and events




35+ community

$14,988 tuition
assistance granted

556 Teen Night

52 member vendors
at Bazaar

BARN Members Uday and Pallavi

“You develop a different level of camaraderie when you volunteer here. We help each other out.”
– Udayshankar Patil

Volunteerism & Service

BARN is led and directed by volunteers. In 2023, BARN’s 600 volunteers contributed well over 15,000 hours leading studio development, developing programs, teaching classes, helping artisans during open studios, working on community service projects, leading youth activities, and performing other vital functions.

Thank you to the 2023 BARN Board of Directors:

Sallie Maron, President
Wayne Roth, Vice President
Ian Forbes, Treasurer
Kimber Brown, Secretary
Grae Drake, Executive Director
Lynn Agnew
Sean Eaton
Grace Harris
Alex Torres
Craig Wakefield
Jeff Williams

In 2023, the following volunteers were selected by their studio communities as studio and programming leads:

Fiber Arts – Sara Bantle / Robyn Weimer
Glass Arts – Cynthia Jacobs / Julie Dougherty
Jewelry & Fine Metals – Karen Olch / Sarah Jones
Kitchen Arts – Chris West / Gina Galasso
Media Arts – Courtney Jones / Brianna Torres
Metal Fabrication – David Hays
Print & Book Arts – Jane Kim / Lara Samant
Tech Lab – Doug Salot
Woodworking – Dave Roe / Jeanne Huber
Writers Studio – Jessica Dubey / Chelsea Kellogg

“Community service has always been an important part of the woodshop ethos. We have plenty of volunteers for these projects and get a lot of satisfaction out of doing them.”
– David Grant

David Grant working on tiny house build.

Inclusivity & Craft

BARN is a community hub, connecting makers, community groups, and organizations through partnerships and service. BARN aspires to be a welcoming, accessible place where creative opportunities are available to everyone.

In 2023, our Companion Program made classes accessible to individuals with physical, sensory, cognitive, and social-emotional challenges.

BARN’s Tuition Assistance Program helps make classes available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. In 2023, 113 grants were made totaling $14,988, with just over half the funds going to youth.

Stephen's House class

“BARN’s dedication to inclusivity shines through their thoughtful adjustments to accommodate adults with developmental disabilities. Our members leave each class feeling empowered and inspired, often expressing a desire to return week after week.”

Matilda Jurdal Thulin, Executive Director
Bainbridge Island Special Needs Foundation

DiBona family

“We very much believe in this whole idea of shared resources. And our money multiplies so much more, donating it to BARN.”
– Christine DiBona


2023 was a record year for donations, with contributions accounting for more than half of BARN’s revenue. Most donors are BARN members and artisans, like the DiBona family, who got involved with BARN soon after moving to Bainbridge in 2020.

“It was just dumbfounding,” said Christine. “We thought we were moving to a small island, and here was this amazing community that had created this place to do their work.”

Their teen, Val, has also been active in several studios. “BARN is this web of innovation and inspiration,” Val said. “It’s is a space where other people can help you solve a problem or normalize trying again and figuring it out.”

“Why do we donate to BARN?” asked Chris. “It’s really just to do our part. This is a big shared space, and I can’t always come in for a Friday or Monday cleanup, but I can help out in other ways.”

Night at BARN

In October, BARN held its first fundraising gala, Night at BARN, inspiring generous contributions in support of the incredible work happening at BARN. In addition to raising $258,939 to support BARN studios and programs, the heartwarming event was a celebration of the entire BARN community.

Night at BARN

2023 Financials

BARN’s mission is to grow and inspire a creative community through craft, learning, and service. To accomplish that mission, BARN:

  • maintains a well-equipped facility with a variety of craft studios,
  • offers access to all studios for members as well as the public,
  • offers classes and events that increase the ability of participants to learn and expand their skills, and
  • supports other non-profit organizations through community service using our core competencies.

Income Overview

Fundraising $ 1,166,543
Classes & Events $ 587,673
Membership $ 355,801
Other Income $ 27,368
Total $ 2,137,385


Night at BARN Fundraising

Tree Farm Campaign Fundraising

Grant Income

Expense Overview

Programming and Services $ 1,606,304
Fundraising $ 245,389
Administration $ 210,620
Total $ 2,062,313


Instructor Fees Paid

Tuition & Membership Assistance

Capital Equipment Purchases

This financial summary illustrates BARN’s operating revenue and expenses from January-December, 2023, and does not include depreciation.

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