Since 2012, BARN has been a creative hub for the region, offering a space where makers and artisans can thrive. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, BARN’s resilience and community support have ensured its growth and impact. As we look to 2024-26, we aim to further our mission and ensure long-term sustainability through the following strategic goals.


To grow and inspire a creative community through craft, learning, and service.

To accomplish that mission, BARN
  • maintains a well-equipped facility with a variety of craft studios,
  • offers access to all studios for members as well as the public,
  • offers classes and events that increase the ability of participants to learn and expand their skills, and
  • supports other non-profit organizations through community service using our core competencies.
Woodworkers in Bench Room carving wood

Our Values

The core values that guide BARN’s mission and actions are:


It is essential to provide a safe and welcoming space for all within the BARN community.


Hands-on creativity and innovation bring joy, serve needs, and inspire action.

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& Service

Participants apply their skills to solve problems, share knowledge, and respond to needs at BARN and in the community at large.


Honesty and care form the basis of relationships and activities at BARN.

Goal 1: BARN provides creative opportunities for everyone

We will reach this goal by working to ensure the people at BARN visibly reflect the diversity of the region, that beginners feel welcome and can easily engage with studios, and that there are ample opportunities for working-age people and off-island creatives to participate in programming and events.

People watching weaving demonstration in Fiber Arts Studio
People working in Print & Book Studio

Goal 2: BARN is a gathering place for people to build relationships through creative work

We will reach this goal by holding daily social activities, making it easier for BARN makers to communicate with studios and each other, and supporting collaborations between members and between studios.

Goal 3: BARN supports community projects in Kitsap and beyond

We will reach this goal by ensuring that community service projects reflect the geographic diversity of BARN makers, by increasing the time spent and number of people who contribute to community service projects, and by encouraging service projects that reflect BARN inclusivity goals and the faces of our community.

Children looking at spinning wheel in Fiber Arts
BARN member in Kitchen Arts Studio

Goal 4: BARN is financially sustainable

We will reach this goal by increasing targets for class and membership revenues, and donations, by ensuring BARN expenses are less than revenues generated, and by creating reporting frameworks to guide studio and staff decision-making.

Goal 5: BARN is a leading regional center for art, craft, and education

We will reach this goal by hosting destination workshops led by highly skilled and prestigious artisans, improving BARN’s operational effectiveness, expanding awareness of BARN beyond Bainbridge Island, using the Tree Farm property to further BARN’s mission, and partnering with related organizations.

BARN members working Glass Arts Studio