Welcome to Youth Programs at BARN - BARN

Welcome to Youth Programs at BARN

We hope youth and families find many opportunities to become active at BARN!  The classes and programs listed on the Youth & Teen Calendar are specifically designed for youth & teens.  In addition, all classes at BARN are open to 14 and above, unless noted otherwise.  You can also check our Evening & Weekend Classes calendar to see which of our regular classes are available outside of school hours.  

Teen Nights: 

Our popular Teen Nights have moved online!  We had a blast at our first event in October with crafts and games in Zoom breakout rooms.  Our next Teen Night will be Friday, December 4 from 8-10pm.  Click here to get details and register.  Register early to be entered in a raffle for some great prizes!

Teen Council:

The BARN Teen Council is made up of teens who would like to be around other creative people and help support hands-on activities for young people in our community. The Teen Council provides ideas and input to BARN so more great classes and events can be developed for teens.  The group meets for one hour every month and there are additional opportunities to help with one-time or ongoing activities such as our Teen Nights or other youth programs.  To apply, please click here.

BARN Coders: 

We are excited to offer a FREE computer programming club for all youth in grades 4-8 after school on Thursday afternoons.  Experienced mentors help young people learn and progress in their coding skills.   For more information and to register, click here.  

More ways to get involved:

In addition to the events above, we have other opportunities for youth to share their knowledge and enthusiasm, engage in our studios and learn from BARN artisans: 

Internships: BARN is fueled by volunteers. Join the BARN team as a volunteer, and as a high school student, you could apply for an unpaid Work Experience Credit.  We also have limited paid summer internships in partnership with Bainbridge Youth Services.  Please contact BYS to inquire.  

Community Service: Get involved in any of the community service projects at BARN.

Independent Studies/Mentorships: If you are interested in Independent Studies through your local high school, contact your school counselor.

Partnerships: We would love to chat with representatives of schools, youth and community groups on how to connect our programs with yours.

For more information on any of these activities, please contact:

Jess Henderson
Program Manager
OR call 206-842-4475 x221

BARN Youth Programs are supported in part by the City of Bainbridge Island 


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