Welcome to Youth Programs at BARN - BARN

Welcome to Youth Programs at BARN

We welcome youth and families at BARN!  We offer a variety of programs specifically for teens and younger children, and all of our classes are open to youth age 14+.   Please read about the many opportunities below!  

Summer Youth Programs: 

We have a great lineup of nearly 50 classes this year during our Summer Youth season between July 11 – August 11.  Classes run Monday – Thursday, and are designed for a variety of age groups between 8 – 18 years old, so there is something for everyone!  Click here to view the calendar and register.  For the printable PDF at-a-glance schedule, click here.

Teen Nights: 

BARN Teen Nights are free monthly events that bring teens together for hands-on craft projects & creative outlets.  We’ve held our final Teen Night of the school year, but check back in again in the fall for our schedule for the 2022-23 school year!  


Each summer we hire both paid and unpaid teen interns to support our summer programs.  Our hiring period has closed for this year, but if you are interested for Summer 2023, you can complete this application anytime.  You can also visit our volunteer page to learn more about volunteering at BARN.

Teen Council:

The BARN Teen Council is made up of teens who would like to be around other creative people and help support hands-on activities for young people in our community. The Teen Council provides ideas and input so we can make BARN youth & teen events even better!  The group meets for one hour every month through the school year and there are additional opportunities to help with one-time or ongoing activities such as our Teen Nights or other youth programs.  To join or get more information, please click here.

Youth Maker Mondays:

We had a blast with our after-school classes for youth & teens this school year!  Our season wrapped up in May, but keep your eyes open for more great classes for the 2022-23 school year. 

More ways to get involved:

In addition to the events above, we have other opportunities for youth to share their knowledge and enthusiasm, engage in our studios and learn from BARN artisans: 

Community Service: Get involved in any of the community service projects at BARN.

Independent Studies/Mentorships: If you are interested in Independent Studies through your local high school, contact your school counselor.

Partnerships: We would love to chat with representatives of schools, youth and community groups on how to connect our programs with yours.

For more information on any of these activities, please contact:

Jess Henderson
Program Director
[email protected]
OR call 206-842-4475 x221

BARN Youth Programs are supported in part by the City of Bainbridge Island 

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