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News from Needle Arts: All About Embroidery

Embroidery is a “rooted” craft dating back centuries and found throughout multiple cultures.

Historically, embroidery was viewed as a pastime, activity, or hobby intended just for women. However, modern embroidery has redefined the multiple expressions of a needle and thread, evolving as a way to express oneself, document life stories, and as a relaxing and meditative practice.

Sue Spargo visits us annually to help stitchers tell their stories in fabric. Visitors from afar come each year to learn from Sue. We love having her here, and she’ll be back next year.

Closer to home, local needle artist Nathalee Lowrie will be teaching Embroidery on Wool classes, including a class beginning June 7. Register soon for your chance to explore the craft of embroidery by designing and stitching your own tree sample.

Nathalee’s passion for textiles began as a child when she learned textile arts from both of her grandmothers. Using a needle and thread fueled an instant love affair with color, the suppleness of fabric, and the movement of a needle. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in education/art specialization from North Texas University. She also trained at the Madeline Island School of the Arts in Wisconsin, studying under Sue Spargo and Katie Pasquini Masopust.

Nathalee will also be helping youth (aged 10-14) explore embroidery in the summer youth class, Textured Embroidery on Wool, from July 15 – 18. In the four-day course, they’ll create two PNW favorites: a flower and a mushroom.

Ongoing Gatherings

Every Wednesday morning, we gather in the studio for Slow Stitch Wednesday where we stitch on our projects, help each other out, and enjoy the company of fellow stitchers. Bring your embroidery and your mending, and come on by. We also meet online on Tuesday afternoons.

New Lights!

We’re happy to announce that we have acquired many magnifying lights to help focus on details for Embroidery, Beading, and other fine work. These will be used in classes and available in the studio for a closer view and better lighting.

Dale Walker

Needle Arts Coordinator

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