After four years as Tech Lab Lead, Doug Salot handed the reins to Alex Marcus this month. Under Doug’s leadership, the Tech Lab expanded open studio time and created new course offerings, launched multiple interest groups, and began monthly Show and Tell meetups. He says, ” It was an honor to serve BARN members, especially our tireless volunteers.”

Alex is all about juggling life as a cool dad, rocking out as a drummer, and embracing his inner nerd. He’s got a sharp eye for design and gets a kick out of organizing teams. When he’s not coding, you can find him biking, snapping photos, diving into games, or exploring every nook and cranny of Bainbridge Island with his family. He’s a sucker for new projects, especially if it means teaming up with others to create something awesome. He is a Tech Lab Open Studio monitor and has been involved in BARN since 2021.

You can find Alex in the studio or reach him at

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