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The GRS multi-purpose vise is a handy tool for jewelers, but storing the tools is a challenge. Jewelry Studio Monitor Sue McCarthy got an idea for an elegant, affordable solution just down the hall in the Tech Lab.

Using LightBurn software and the “Big Red” laser cutter, Sue designed, cut, and built sturdy, stackable boxes out of medium-density fibreboard. She included handholds for easy portability and burned labels directly onto the boxes to keep the equipment organized.

The custom boxes keep the vises safe from damage, free up precious storage space in the studio, and cost only about $2 per box in materials. A triple win!

Meanwhile, in Fiber Arts, Jessica Rose needed a way to keep her knitting needles sorted. Jessica, who knits, spins, and dyes wool, used scrap materials and the skills she learned in Laser 101 and LightBurn to create a custom box with a lid perfectly suited to store different gauges of needles.

The Tech Lab has two laser cutters. These machines, dubbed Big Red and Little Blue, use carbon dioxide and high voltage to create a laser beam that can quickly and accurately cut or engrave a variety of materials. “They’re really powerful and useful tools,” says Tech Lab Studio Monitor and instructor Nathan Abell. He points to a case and liner he made for a torque wrench, using about $1 of MDF and recycled polyethylene foam. “It’s compact, and it’s made exactly as I want it.”

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