Playwrights, quilters, musicians, dancers, artists — come join the fun! Listen here as Sue Barrington, Manager of the Bainbridge Island Waterfront Park Community Center tells BCB host Joanna Pyle about her plan to offer two courses in creativity for seniors this fall.

Building on her 25 years as an arts educator at the high school and college level, and her work with senior center nonprofits in Sedona, AZ, Barrington has melded her teaching experience and passion for the arts with her intense interest in the aging process and cultural gerontology to create two exciting programs: Creative Crones, and The Wabi-Sabi Artist.

Creative Crones will provide a weekly gathering for women to celebrate their creative spirits and support one another in the arts. This class is about viewing women of advancing years as both powerful and fertile–albeit in new ways. Whatever your artistic passion, you’ll find the group becomes a wonderfully supportive opportunity to share your life and work with other like-minded souls. 

The class will run Fridays from 9-11am for 12 weeks, beginning September 19. Cost for the course is $60.00.

Unlike Creative Crones, The Wabi-Sabi Artist will be open to men as well as women, and will offer readings and art projects to practice creativity in a variety of ways while exploring our nature, our interests, and our spirituality.

Wabi-Sabi has to do with recognizing things as they age and reflect the passage of time — a lovely metaphor for the aging artist in each of us. The class will run Thursdays from 9 – 10:30am for 12 weeks beginning September 18th. Cost for the course is $60.

“The Senior Center here is remarkable,” says Barrington. “Thanks to the collective commitment of resources between the City of Bainbridge Island, the Park District, and BISCC, the quality of life for our community¹s seniors is inspiring.”

To learn more about the Senior Center and these classes, visit


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