Connie Waddington of the Bainbridge Island Land Trust talks with BCB host Lyssa Danehy de Hart about the Trust’s upcoming 25th anniversary celebration. Dedicated to preserving natural, open Island spaces, BILT has acquired much of the land for some of our most popular parks and trails as well as preserving privately held natural landscapes for future generations. 

Celebration for the Land Trust’s 25 Years of Island People Protecting Island Places will include a community picnic and a community photo album. Bring your own food to the community picnic, which will be held (weather permitting) from 4-7pm on August 10th.  Hike in to the  Hilltop Meadow using one of the Grand Forest trails: for maps, see

Beverages, cake and entertainment will be provided, but no smoking, alcohol, or off-leash dogs will be permitted. In the event of rain the picnic will be canceled.

The Land Trust is also looking for photographers to help create a community photo album to celebrate this exciting anniversary. Photographers of all types and ages are welcome to contribute their favorite shots of landscapes and details of Land Trust-related properties. Photos taken on professional equipment and amateur smart phone shots are equally welcome. Digitally altered pictures are also fine so long as they still convey something about the real appearance of the landscape. Especially welcome are pictures of people enjoying these spaces. Shots of individual plants, birds, and other animals are also encouraged.

The locales to be featured in this scrapbook are accessible through the trails at Gazzam Lake, the Peters Property, the Close Property, the Grand Forest West, Grand Forest East, the Hilltop, Pritchard Park, Meigs Farm Park, Hawley Cove Park, Ted Olsen Park, Rockaway Beach Park, and Blakely Harbor Park. Individual landowners with BILT conservation easements may also submit photographs of their own properties if they wish. 

Submissions should be in JPEG format, but not otherwise compressed or shrunk. Send your images using the Photo Album form on the BILT Web On that page is a list of the properties and a map showing their locations. All acceptable photos will be mounted soon after they are submitted on the BILT Photo Album page at

The Bainbridge Island Land Trust’s mission is to preserve and steward the diverse natural environment of Bainbridge Island for the benefit of all. To achieve this goal, the Bainbridge Island Land Trust acquires interests in land having significant or potentially significant conservation values such as scenic vistas, wetlands, open spaces, tidelands, forest, unique plant and animal habitats and stream and wildlife corridors. The trust works with private landowners to protect their land using conservation easements, and also works with a variety of partners to acquire land for parks, trails and public use.

See more about the Land Trust’s 25th anniversary celebration.


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