Ever been to an oyster harvest? Here’s your chance! On August 8 and September 5 the Puget Sound Restoration Fund is inviting volunteers  to participate in a Community Oyster Harvest at the Port Madison Community Shellfish Farm (PMCSF).

In this podcast, BCB host Kayla Black speaks with Betsy Peabody, Executive Director of the Puget Sound Restoration Fund, about the history of the Restoration Fund and the important role shellfish can play in improving the environmental health of Puget Sound. Growing shellfish can help improve water quality, increase species diversity and foster eelgrass growth. In fact, a single oyster can filter 20 gallons of water a day. 

Through the Port Madison Farm and others like it, the Restoration Fund seeks to connect community members directly with the benefits of a healthy watershed by growing, harvesting, selling and eating community-grown clams and oysters. They believe this positive connection between you, your environment and your dinner plate is the key to active and enjoyable environmental stewardship. 

The Port Madison Community Shellfish Farm, newest of the Restoration Fund farms, is located on the Bloedel Reserve tidelands on Bainbridge Island. There are still two Oyster Harvests left this season, to be held on Saturday mornings — August 8th and September 5th. Come out and volunteer, eat a few oysters on the beach, and be a part of the health of the island.

For more information about the Port Madison farm, how to purchase shellfish memberships or participate in future harvests, visit the restoration fund website at http://www.restorationfund.org/projects/csf/portmadison

Credits: Host: Kayla Black; Studio Technician & Editor: Lyssa Danehy deHart; BCB ferry music by Dogfish Bay Studios; What’s Up music splash: Dave Bristow.