On Tuesday, May 20th from 7:00 to 8:30pm, in downtown Winslow, a panel will discuss why there is currently a local grassroots effort to get big money out of politics and reclaim our Democracy.

Panelists will be Fran Korten, publisher of Yes! Magazine (a nonprofit magazine published on Bainbridge, now in its 18th year); Peter Denis, who has taught on the law faculty of the University of Washington, and Dee Eisenhauer, Pastor of EHCC.

In this podcast episode of “What’s Up Bainbridge”, panelist Fran Korten offers her thoughts and anecdotes about the local relevance of these issues, and describes the upcoming meeting.

Two recent decisions of the US Supreme Court that have abolished the spending limits of our election campaign laws.  In January 2010, in the “Citizens United” case, a 5-member Court majority abolished limits on election campaign donations, including money donated by corporations. And in April 2014 in the “McCutcheon” case, the same 5 members eliminated limits on combined contributions to multiple candidates around the country.

At the May 20th local public meeting described in this podcast, the panel will describe grassroots efforts that are currently underway to obtain sufficient petition signatures to put the I-1329 ballot measure on this November’s ballot in Washington.  I-1329 would call for a US Constitutional amendment to override the Supreme Court’s holdings and authorize dollar limits on election campaign donations.

The 90-minute public meeting will be at Eagle Harbor Congregational Church (EHCC), at the corner of Winslow Way and Madison Avenue, in downtown Winslow.

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