Many of us know people who are either struggling to stay in their current homes or hoping to find an affordable place on Bainbridge. Housing Resources Bainbridge is here to help: listen here as HRB’s Phedra Elliot and Penny Lamping describe the services this vital group provides.

Housing Resources Bainbridge (HRB) is an independent, nonprofit organization that provides and advocates for affordable rental housing and homeownership options on the island. HRB also helps elderly and disabled individuals stay in their homes by providing home improvements such as accessible walkways and kitchen/bathroom modifications.

Phedra Elliot is HRB’s executive director, and Penny Lamping is a long-time Bainbridge resident who serves as fundraising and Communications Manager. Together they explain the growing need in our community for a broader range of housing options and some of the ways HRB is working to achieve that goal.

Phedra also served on the City’s Affordable Housing Task Force (AHTF), which released its recommendations in July 2018. You can listen to a related podcast on that subject here.

To learn more about Housing Resources Bainbridge, please visit their website at:

Credits: BCB host: Christina Hulet; audio editor: Chris Walker; publisher: Diane Walker; social media: Jen St. Louis.