“Life as Collage: Whimsy and Romance” is the title of Wendy Brown’s new exhibition, which will open at the Bainbridge Island Library Friday, January 5th, as part of the island’s January Art Walk.

Listen here as BCB host John Fossett talks with Wendy about her unusual pieces and the process by which she builds them. Wendy, who has been making collages for 40 years, is self-taught and inspired by all things old and beautiful.

A self-proclaimed “die-hard romantic,” Wendy shares with us about her adventures traveling and collecting the thousands of tiny knick-knacks she uses to feed into her whimsical collages. Postcards, beads, stamps, and trinkets galore dance out of her unusual frames to tell the story of a life deliciously lived.

Credits: BCB host: John Fossett; audio tech: Chris Walker; audio editor and publisher: Diane Walker.