From BCB…

Since its formal introduction to the island back in February, the Village movement and its potential impact for Bainbridge Island has sparked lots of conversation and interest.

Three planning meetings have been held since February, involving 70 + interested people, and a temporary steering team has been identified. After a summer spent working together to synthesize what’s been learned to date, that committee is ready to report on its findings and progress to date.

A meeting has therefore been scheduled for October 18 from 2-4 at the Waterfront Park Community Center.  This meeting is for all the people who already understand what a village is and have come to at least one meeting and are familiar with the work being done locally.  That group will be updated on all the work created so far, and on the structure, the parameters, and the partnerships that have been established to date.

The group will also share information gleaned from the national conference on villages, and then explain the specific opportunities available to folks that want to see this work move forward. So the October 18th event is truly an update for all the folks that have already been engaged in the work-to-date.

For those who are curious but have not yet attended a village meeting, two additional “Village 101” meetings have been scheduled for November 21st and December 13; interested parties only need to come to one of those to catch up. 

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Credits: BCB host: Joanna Pyle; audio editor: Chris Walker; publishers Diane and Chris Walker.