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Meet Trish King, Head of School at The Island School.

In this podcast, Trish King talks with BCB host Anna McClain about the importance of teaching empathy and other social emotional skills to young children, the price tag of standardized testing, and what it means to educate the whole child for success in a rapidly changing world.

Trish, who also serves on the board of the Northwest Association of Independent Schools and its Accreditation Committee, is past chair of the Washington Federation of Independent Schools — and she’s passionate about education.

A good education, she believes, develops resilient “good people” who are globally aware, while providing a strong academic foundation that includes experience with athletics and the arts.

Coming from a family of career educators, Trish taught English and theater in both private and public schools in the early years of her career. She went on to establish an independent high school, and has enjoyed the flexibility that working in independent schools has allowed her.  In those more flexible environments she’s been able to concentrate on building curriculum that puts the individual learning styes of each child before standardized measures of success.

Credits: BCB host: Anna McClain; audio editor: Chris Walker; publisher: Diane Walker.