WU-594 The FANTASTIC Recreation Programs at BI Metro Parks

Bryan Garoutte, Recreation Director for Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District joins us today in the What’s Up Bainbridge Studio to discuss his very large and multifaceted job.  Along with Park District Commissioner, Dawn Janow, they discuss this very significant and important aspect of the Park District and how it reaches the many members of Bainbridge Island.

Bryan shares with us how he got involved in this work that led to the principal position of Recreation Director. Listening to him and the passion for his work, one begins to realize what a stunning resource the BI Park District is for this community.  From numerous special events throughout the year, to Sports & Fitness, Arts & Culture, Aquatics, Active Adult and Gymnastics, the list goes on and on. Check it out . . . it’s breathtaking!

For more information about these many recreation opportunities in the Bainbridge Island Metro Parks System, go to: https://biparks.org, scroll down the Recreation heading and learn of the many, many possibilities and how to sign up.  You can also call 206-842-2302 to get more information.

Credits: BCB host, Bob Ross; audio editor, Keith Doughty; publisher, Bob Ross