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David H. Breaux has been on a yearlong tour of the U.S. asking people he’s met from Montreal to Manhattan and from Tampa to San Antonio a single question: What is your conception of compassion? 

While David has been spending about a month in each of the cities he’s visited, his stay on Bainbridge Island was just a few days this August. Still, he spent several hours on a bench along Winslow Way in the island’s primary commercial district, talking with people as well as collecting people’s written descriptions of the meaning of compassion in a notebook.

David began the 12-month tour in September of 2014 after a five-year stint on a street corner in Davis, Calif. His goal in encouraging people to discuss compassion is to strengthen our understanding of interconnection and inspire us to act toward the alleviation of suffering in the world.

David shares how he came to make the decision to launch the tour in this video:

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