From BCB…

This discussion, the fourth in our series with Director of Produce and Floral for Town and Country Markets, Joe Pulicicchio, is all about berries, peaches, avocados and melons.  Now that the berry season is wrapping up, Joe talks about some of the challenges of accessing the best avocados, including the importance of waiting for the right oil content and why the current supplies are a little pricey.

For all you melon fans, Joe is happy to report that melon season is just around the corner.  He reports that melon lovers can expect a wide variety to be available this summer.

In conclusion, he wraps up the interview with some thoughts about the upcoming Hatch green chilies season which will begin towards the end of July.  The roasting process, which which will be held at Central market sometime around the end of the month, creates one of the best summer smells. The roasted chilies will be available for purchase in various quantities.

Joe’s popular blog ‘FRESH TALKER’ can be found at the Town and Country website: <>    

Credits: BCB host Bob Ross; audio editor Chris Walker; publisher Diane Walker.