Sound Food began in 2007 with a Sustainable Bainbridge farm-mapping project designed to answer the question: “How do I find local food in this community?” An updated version of the resulting interactive online map can still be found on the Sound Food website at

In this podcast episode, two co-founders of Sound Food – Sallie Maron and Carolyn Goodwin – discuss the various past and current activities of Sound Food — connecting local residents to local food.

In this podcast episode, Sallie and Carolyn describe the innovative ideas that have been introduced by Sound Food over the years — such as the ferry terminal farm stand, which was a big hit.

Over the years, Sound Food organizers found their vision expanding to include the whole food system including production, processing, distribution, consumption and waste/compost.

Sallie and Carolyn note that Sound Food and the BARN are collaborating on the goal of forming a BARN Kitchen Arts group. In late July, the first session of the group attracted about 20 people, who had fun making spring rolls from local ingredients. Find out more at

Sallie and Carolyn emphasize that a lot of talented people have helped Sound Food and contributed to the organization’s success. They express gratitude for friendships that have blossomed and experiences and expertise that have been shared by many volunteers who brought energy and ideas to Sound Food.

You can access this information by signing up for the Sound Food News, or by visiting the Sound Food website at

Save the date for this year’s Harvest Fair!  Sound Food is organizing a Farmstand as part of the annual Harvest Fair at the Johnson Farm on Saturday September 28.

Credits: BCB host and editor: Barry Peters; Intro music: Tim Bird; Ferry music: Dogfish Bay Studios; Podcast art: artopia creative.