In this 42-minute conversation about the birth of the home-rule Bainbridge Island city in the 1990s, we hear stories from former officials from the old days.

You’ll hear: Andy Maron of the Home Rule Committee and the ensuing City Council of the 1990s, former council member and mayor Dwight Sutton, and Lynn Nordby who served as City Administrator from 1991 to 2003.

Stories like these will be shared at City Hall at 5:30pm on Tuesday March 1st, at the public commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the all-island city.

Hear the anecdotes and amusing stories that these three city founders share about:

  • how it felt to start up an all-island City for 15,000 in place of the Winslow city for 2,500
  • creating the first Comprehensive Plan in 1991-94
  • life at the City prior to having a City Hall
  • what it was like to apply for a top City job
  • staffing a larger city, and the first-ever union contract of 1991
  • 3 major road projects in 1991-94: High School Rd, Ferncliff, Brien/Bjune
  • the challenges of an early Public Works site next to a vineyard in Winslow
  • creating a public square and building a City Hall
  • the start of the ongoing search for a home for the police and court
  • responding to concerns of harbor users and liveaboards
  • starting the clean-up of the Wykoff creosote plant
  • the novel approach to cleaning-up the Vincent Rd landfill
  • expansion of the Winslow sewer plant
  • handling the controversial issues of the day

Credits: BCB host, audio editor and social media publisher: Barry Peters.