Did you know our own Frank Buxton was friends with Buster Keaton? In this podcast, John Ellis and Jesse Ziebart tell us more about Frank and Buster, the history of silent films, and how the Frank Buxton Silent Film Festival – airing November 15-17 – came to be.

From comedy and romance to mystery and science fiction, these delectable films are sure to surprise and delight audiences from 5 to 95.

The Festival will offer three evenings of full length films, most with live music, and two mid-day presentations of shorts.

November 15, 7pm:  Buster Keaton’s The Cameraman ($30)

November 16, 11am-1pm: George Melies Shorts (free)

November 16, 2pm: San Francisco Silent Film Festival Shorts ($20)

November 16, 7pm: A Story of Floating Weeds ($20)

November 17, 11am-1pm, George Melies Shorts (free)

November 17, 5pm: The Signal Tower ($20)

November 17, 7pm: The Eyes of the Totem ($10)

To purchase tickets and find additional information, visit the BIMA website at biartmuseum.org.

Credits: Host: Chris Walker; Audio Editor: Diane Walker; Publisher: Chris Walker