Meet Channie Peters, longtime Bainbridge Island volunteer and host of over 150 BCB podcast interviews.

Channie and her husband, BCB founder Barry Peters, will be moving away shortly; in this podcast BCB host Christina Hulet talks with Channie about her experiences and observations living on the island for 16 years – what’s changed, what our strengths are, and what we could do differently as a community.

A very active member of our community, Channie is perhaps best known for helping her husband Barry launch Bainbridge Community Broadcasting (BCB) in 2014. But in addition to hosting interviews for BCB and teaching and mentoring new hosts, Channie has also been involved with many local organizations over the years. Not only has she volunteered at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art; she’s also served on numerous local boards, including the Bainbridge Community Foundation, the Bainbridge Public Library, and Cedars Unitarian Universalist Church.

Listen here as Channie reflects on her many years of community involvement and the challenges inherent in an evolving life. How does, for instance, a retired banker become a podcaster? What do we have to let go of in order to do something new? And, how can we handle change as individuals and as a Bainbridge community?

Channie also discusses her and her husband’s recent decision to move to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). CCRCs offer people over 60 a continuum of independent living, residential assisted living services, memory care and skilled nursing care all in one place. (More information can be found at

While her choice to move is being made primarily to be closer to her grandchildren, Channie also helps us to understand the value of making significant changes like this one while you’re still energetic and healthy enough to become an active member of a new community.

However difficult it may be — choosing to leave a place in which you’ve invested so much — Channie shares her insights with grace and a deep respect for Bainbridge. We know she will be missed. 

Credits: BCB host, Christina Hulet; audio editor and social media publisher, Diane Walker.