In this podcast, Waterfront Park director Sue Barrington describes the travel program operated by the Parks and Recreation District — including an upcoming deadline to join a local group traveling to the exotic destination of Cuba.

The deadline is imminent — Friday July 17th — to qualify for the best discount pricing for this year’s special group tour. It’s an October 17th nine-day trip to Cuba.

Stops in Cuba will include UN World Heritage sites, a cigar factory, the famous King Ranch, backstage with a ballet company, and an educational tour of the Bay of Pigs Museum. There will be a stay in three different cities including three days in Havana. Fly through Miami to Havana, travel by bus for rest of Cuba travel.

Sue says that this year presents an opportunity to go to Cuba while it is still authentic. Traditional Cuba may increasingly be inundated by tourist features. This may be a ‘last chance’ to experience the real thing.

The Parks and Recreation District travel specialist can be reached at 206 842-1616. Or see the travel information for the 50+ program on the website.

Previous successful trips include Costa Rica and the Panama Canal.

Local outings and itineraries for this summer and fall include:

  • Woodland Park Zoo
  • Diablo Lake
  • The Elwha River & Lake Crescent
  • The Olalla Bluegrass Festival
  • Blackberry Festival in Bremerton
  • The Columbia River & Mt. Hood
  • Protection Island
  • Lake Cushman & Hurricane Ridge

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Credits: BCB host: Joanna Pyle; BCB audio editor and publisher: Barry Peters