As reported in dozens of national and international newspapers, podcasts and internet articles, Bainbridge Island resident Michael Cox wrote a strong and forthright resignation letter to the new Presidential administration upon retiring from EPA last month after 25 years of service.

In commemoration of this Earth Day (April 22nd), and in recognition of the citizen marches for science and climate action occurring in so many cities on that day, BCB presents this conversation with our island neighbor Mike Cox.

As you’ll hear on this podcast, Mike cares passionately about standing up for important values like human health, protection of environment, pursuit of scientific research, and action to resist climate change.

In this 23-minute conversation with BCB host Barry Peters, Mike explains how demoralizing it has been since November for the dedicated and committed scientists and environmentalists at EPA to witness the apparent abandonment of that organization’s mission in recent months.

He describes in personal terms what led to his writing of a 5-page resignation letter that was soon reported by dozens of news outlets from the Washington Post, to Canadian radio and podcasters, to Bill Moyers’ blog and elsewhere.

Mike also explains how meaningful it has been to him to supplement his EPA service with community service — on the City Planning Commission, as a local sports coach, and as an in-school teaching volunteer.

And he talks about his latest effort (the Common Ground Project) to reach out person-to-person across our current polarized divides to find common ground with community members who see politics differently.

Credits: BCB host, audio editor and social media publisher: Barry Peters.