Looking for something to get you in that spooky Halloween mood? Lesser Known Players newest production may be just what you’re looking for!

Set in the swamps on the outskirts of New Orleans, Caridad Svich’s Alchemy of Desire: Dead Man’s Blues follows the journey of a community of women into a primeval landscape where a soldier’s ghost, fried chicken, and other mysteries come together in a search for grace.

In this podcast we meet Kristi Jacobson and Ali Budge, co-directors of Alchemy, as well as two of the play’s stars: Michelle Conklin, who plays Selah, the earth mother who is the heart and soul of this community of women, and Citori Luecht, who plays Miranda, the wild child, a mouthy and rebellious teenager.

Listen here as these four women give us a taste of what’s in store for us with this exciting and unusual love story. Alchemy of Desire: Dead Man’s Blues will take place the weekend of October 19-22 at Rolling Bay Hall on Bainbridge Island. Shows start at 7:30 pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and at 2:30 pm on Sunday. Get your tickets now by visiting the Lesser Known Players website at http://lesserknownplayers.org.

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