From BCB…

This week T&C Produce and Floral Director Joe Pulicicchio  talks about this year’s berry, peach, and apricot crops and shares a few favorite recipes.

In this, our third interview of a 6 part series, Joe, the knowledgeable and dynamic Director of Produce and Floral for Town and Country Markets, talks with with BCB host Bob Ross about the intricacies and challenges of growing and delivering top quality strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.

Joe also touches on the upcoming apricot and peach season and explains the important role weather plays in the whole growth and delivery process — and don’t miss what he has to say about favorite recipes!

This series of BCB interviews is designed to explore the many types of fresh produce one finds at T&C Markets, including behind the scenes stories about how and where they are grown and how arrivals must be scheduled to meet customer expectations.

For more about the challenges of delivering fresh produce, visit Joe’s popular blog ‘FRESH TALKER’ on the Town and Country website:

Credits: BCB host Bob Ross; audio editor Chris Walker; publisher Diane Walker.