This first show in the new podcast series of BCB Bainbridge Island Specials is a recording of Part 1 of “Dear Editor: Letters to the Bainbridge Review”, by the cast of Island Theater.

This rendition is a documentary for radio recorded on March 1, 2015 at the BCB Studios, and it was also presented to a live audience in February 2015 at the Bainbridge Island Public Library.  The performance is part of the Island Theater’s 20th anniversary season.

This 2-part recording is read aloud by the following Island Theater cast members:

  • Diane Bankart
  • Charlie Hamilton
  • Debbi Lester
  • Fred Saas
  • Tell Schreiber
  • Pat Scott
  • Diane Walker

The Director of the production for Island Theater was Tell Schreiber.

In this part 1, there are three segments, each separated by a brief musical interlude:

  • Segment 1: A burst of short excerpts from various letters
  • Segment 2: Letters from years prior to World War II, as far back as 1928
  • Segment 3: Letters from the era of WW II and the exclusion of Japanese Americans from Bainbridge Island

Part 2 is a separately published podcast and includes letters from the post-war era through the 1970s.

Credits: BCB producer, editor and publisher: Barry Peters