Worried about how much time your children spend staring at screens? Could it be affecting their moods? Their school performance? Dr. Delaney Ruston, a world renowned expert in this area, can help.

Physician, filmmaker and parent Delaney Ruston decided to create the movie, SCREENAGERS, when she found herself constantly struggling with her own children about screen time. Today she is an internationally renowned expert on this topic. She has consulted with Google, Pixar, and Facebook, and her views have been cited in Good Morning America, NPR, the New York Times, in Ted Talks, and she has appeared before the United Nations.

And now, Raising Resilience is bringing this Stanford-educated Fulbright Scholar to Bainbridge Island to speak and to answer questions about screen time and how to moderate it successfully. In this podcast Raising Resilience board members Sarah Blaine and Lisa Bernardin tell us more about Dr. Ruston and about this exciting event.

So if you’ve been worried about the amount of time your kids spend staring at screens – don’t miss Growing Up in the Digital Age, Tuesday, May 22, 7 pm at the Bainbridge High School Commons. Tickets are $10, with scholarships available, and places are filling up fast, so sign up now at RaisingResilience.org.