Two directors of the Town and Country Markets leadership, Joe Pulicicchio, head of Produce and Floral and Michael Fodness, head of Meat and Seafood, join us in this episode of Tastes of Bainbridge to consider the kinds of things we might find on our holiday tables.  Joe and Michael engage in a lively discussion about personal favorites and some important things to consider as we construct seasonal shopping lists.

In addition to more traditional and classic holiday fare explorations, the concept of Friendsgiving is discussed and how this is finding its way into the popular vernacular.  Of course, a discussion of best ways to make mashed potatoes ensues with some side comments regarding polenta found on Joe’s grandmother’s table. The importance of fish, especially in the Christmas menu is also discussed and the availability of Dungeness Crab and prawns with a slight hint of lobster taste are explored.

 Credits: BCB Host: Robert Ross; Audio Editor: Keith Doughty; Publisher: Keith Doughty